10 Reasons to Buy an Apple Computer

When choosing a new computer, it’s easy to get lost in an impassable thicket of processors, video cards, megahertz and gigabytes. To simplify the process of choosing a computer for you, we decided to do a review, conditionally dividing the computers according to the operating systems installed on them – Windows and Mac (Apple).

Today we’ll talk about 10 reasons why your next desktop or laptop computer may have been manufactured under the watchful eye of Apple. And in the next article we will see why, in fact, the choice should fall on a computer running on Windows.

Easier to choose

Thousands of computers with Windows operating system are sold – you will have to choose among dozens of manufacturers and innumerable options for specifications. Microsoft offers only programs, and hardware, that is, hardware for them, is released by very many – from Asus to Lenovo.

But Apple produces both software and hardware, so the choice is dozens, if not hundreds of times less (read – easier). To illustrate the above, you can open the website of an online store and set the search filter only by software: we get 7 Apple computers, and 73 computers with Windows operating system.

Easier to use

Taking into account the fact that the first computers in Estonia worked under earlier versions of the Windows operating system (Windows 95 and older), as well as the fact that the vast majority, including computers, are used to seeing a familiar window and hearing a familiar jingle, everything seems the first time quite difficult.
However, I’m sure that very many people are annoyed by such things as an infinite number of folders on the desktop, complex software updates that for no reason are downloaded to the end, a bunch of applications that you never use and you don’t even know about the reason for their existence.

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Since Apple, in addition to iron, also releases programs, there are usually no applications that perform the same tasks, computer settings are collected in one place, 1-2 clicks are usually enough to download updates, and searching for files, pictures, videos etc. With the help of a very smart program, Spotlight is fast and across the computer.

Apple ecosystem

If you use an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or some other Apple device, you are probably already connected to the Apple ecosystem. Your “identity” in the Apple world is your Apple ID, which links all devices into a single system. This means that if you leave reminders or notes on your iPhone, you will see the same on your Macbook, iPad, and other Apple devices.

It’s easier to organize:

  • All pictures ever taken by phone or tablet;
  • Messages sent to friends
  • All kinds of notes and reminders that are synchronized, and, for example, if the news on the phone is not read, they can be read without problems on a computer or tablet;
  • All purchased movies and music, that is, when you rent a movie on a tablet, you can watch it on your phone, or even on Apple TV in general.

Good free programs out of the box

Apple computers already have quite powerful programs pre-installed on purchase, with which you can easily create music (Garage Band) or process video (iMovie), not to mention office applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), which are mostly Windows paid (Office 365).

Software updates are free and download without problems

Apple releases major software updates once a year (usually in the fall), and these updates are always free. This means that no matter what version of the operating system you have installed when you purchase a computer, it will be updated at the latest in the fall.
All updates get to the computer as soon as Apple makes them available, that is, there is no intermediary in the person of the hardware manufacturer (Asus, Lenovo and others) that could slow down the upgrade.

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The best touchpad is the mouse

There are few manufacturers in the world whose touchpad could at least make some comparison with the touchpad of Apple computers. This touchpad at Apple (it is also called the trackpad) is extremely sensitive to touch, very durable and reliable and allows you to attach commands to specific gestures, touches and clicks. This is one of those things that, as it were, is not needed until you try it, but then there is no way without it.

In the future – more profitable

Although Apple computers are more expensive at the time of purchase, this does not mean that they are more expensive than Windows computers in the long run. To correctly calculate the total costs, you need to take into account, for example, the residual value 3 years after the purchase, which for a Windows computer is often close to zero, and for a Mac it can reach 50% (buying a Mac for 1000 €, it’s easy after three years sell for 400-500 €).

In addition, it is worth remembering the life of the computer, because an inexpensive Windows computer will slow down in two or three years, while a Mac with similar characteristics will work at an acceptable speed for the next several years.

Most Macs have very good screens.
Most Mac computers have great screens, which is one of the reasons that a significant part of designers and those who work with video do it on a Macbook.
Despite the fact that many Windows computers also have very good screens (and sometimes even better), here again everything depends on the complexity of the choice, because in order to find a computer with Windows and a good screen, one must try very hard.

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Apple Computers – Style and Design

Mac can’t find plastic cases or creaking parts. All computers are made of high-quality aluminum, when you take them in your hands, you understand that they are durable, when you press keys and buttons – it’s just nice to do. All Apple computers are stylish, with a good design, they always look good.

Less malware

Even if they don’t even say that viruses and malware completely bypass Mac users, this is a much more serious problem for Windows users. The aforementioned point about software updates plays a big role here, that is, after Apple detects a vulnerability, its fix will arrive much faster than the gears between Microsoft and computer manufacturers have time to crank out.

Despite the fact that the price of a Mac can be breathtaking at first, it’s useful to remember that Apple computers last longer, their residual value is several times higher, and operators often make excellent offers to their customers to reduce the purchase price or distribute it for a longer time period.

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