Apple accused of infringing patents on AirPods and Beats

These are patents No. 8131391 and No. 10468,047 issued by the US Patent Office
One-E-Way is suing Apple, alleging that the iPhone smartphone maker infringed two of its patents. US Patent Nos. 8,131,391 and 10468,047, which describe a β€œwireless digital music audio system”, are alleged to have been infringed on AirPods, AirPods Pro, HomePod and Beats.


According to the plaintiff, in 2014 Apple considered licensing the patented technology. However, there is no confirmation of this in the claim. But the lawsuit contains correspondence between Apple and One-E-Way, which took place in 2014, from which it is clear that Apple was aware that it was infringing on One-E-Way patents.


Apple sued for patent infringement on AirPods, AirPods Pro, HomePod and Beats
The One-E-Way website has a description of several models of wireless headphones and a list of companies that have licensed One-E-Way developments. Among them are Sony, Sennheiser, Creative, Jabra, Imation and others. More news about Apple

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