Is iPhone discharging fast? Maybe it's Apple Music

What does Apple recommend doing in this case?

The Apple Music issue that we already wrote about is still common for iPhone owners. Recall, many users of Apple smartphones have recently faced the rapid discharge of their phones. It turned out that the Apple Music app was involved in this.


Is iPhone discharging fast? Maybe it’s Apple Music
So, for example, one of the users of the brand new iPhone 11 wrote that his smartphone began to quickly discharge almost as if out of the box. It turned out that the Apple Music application, which he did not even use, consumed 95% of the battery life. At the same time, the smartphone is very hot. Another user encountered the problem of quickly draining the battery on their iPhone X running iOS 13.5.1. According to him, the smartphone has to be restarted several times a day, so that you can use it normally.

The problem is typical for many iPhone models of different years of release and running different versions of iOS – including the latest iOS 13.4 and iOS 14 beta. There are reports that even iPad owners have encountered it. Some users solve the issue dramatically – by removing Apple Music. Apple itself knows about the problem, but as the only solution they offer a rollback to the factory settings. Considering that users of even new smartphones are faced with fast battery consumption, restoring factory settings may not help everyone.

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