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Apple introduced an updated home screen for iPhone users in iOS 14, which includes widgets that can be placed anywhere (in different sizes), as well as the App Library to automatically group apps by topic. However, to the surprise of many, these functions were not available in iPadOS 14. Nothing was said about them at the Apple presentation, so it is far from a fact that the corresponding features will be added to the official release. Third-party designers, meanwhile, do not sit still and suggested how you can improve the work with widgets in iPadOS.

iOS 14
Maybe we don’t have to wait for iPadOS 15 for that?

Currently in iPadOS 14, users can only add widgets to a specific area of ​​the first page of the Home screen. While these widgets are essentially the same as in iOS 14, they cannot be moved to other parts of the screen. This limitation has disappointed some iPad users as the new widgets are now more functional than ever.

Widgets in iPadOS

The new iPadOS concept has a modular home screen where users can place apps and widgets anywhere, even leaving free space. They can be moved around to make reorganizing the workplace easier and more intuitive, and iPad users can also access the app library by swiping across the screen at the bottom of the screen.

What I liked most about this gig was the so-called β€œPro Menu,” where users can quickly access system settings, similar to the Apple menu on macOS. The Control Center will also look more like macOS Big Sur, rather than occupying the entire iPad screen.

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With this menu, the iPad will look more like a computer.

IPadOS 14 has neither the App Library nor the ability to remove unnecessary desktops (screens). Again, in a tablet, this functionality would be very useful. But, apparently, in Apple lately, they really too zealously profess the principle that the iPad is a real computer, and all these mobile decorations are simply not needed on computers.

What will iPadOS 15

Why did Apple actually cheat its tablets? The company may not offer full-fledged widgets for iPadOS 14 due to the complexity of the iPad itself, as it works in portrait and landscape modes. But personally, I would really like to see something like this in the fall. Chances are, Apple will listen to the wishes of the majority and add widgets to iPadOS 14 just as it did for the iPhone. With iOS 14, Apple finally gave me the kind of home screen I’ve been waiting for literally years. If I could do the same on iPad, it would be really cool. However, something suggests that you will have to wait until next year – it is not in vain that the design concept says “iPadOS 15”.

For example, I have a separate travel screen on my iPad. There I store my airline and hotel applications, applications for translation from different languages, for flight tracking, airport applications, and so on. And there would be the perfect place for a widget with live information related to my trip: information about my flight, boarding gate, weather at my destination, and so on.

Also, I very often have to test different applications on my iPad, and the gadget is sometimes clogged for months with all sorts of junk, among which it is difficult to quickly find the desired program. The appearance of the application library would solve this problem – there is a cool setting so that after loading the program immediately gets into the App Library and does not clutter up the main screen.

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