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Many people, for sure, at least once in their life had a desire to write a thematic text that would later be read by thousands of people. Everyone has personal profiles on social networks, but not everyone has access to a wide audience. After all, if you want to share your vision and thoughts, without a platform for this, they may still remain unheard.

We at CompLockers give beginners a chance to make themselves known publicly. Our online publication is aimed at both young people and experienced professionals who are always on the lookout for the information they need. We write about business, technology, lifestyle, analyze the complex, turning it into understandable and simple. Your text will surely find the ultimate readers.

How to make a publication?

Appearance of the article:

The title of the article should reveal its meaning and be laconic.

A maximum of 15 keyword occurrences are allowed in a 2000 character article.

  • the keyword is fully or partially anchor text

If in addition to the keyword, other words are repeated in large numbers in the article, the article will not be accepted into the system.

The article should carry a semantic load, have a logical structure (introduction, main part, completion).

The topic of the article should correspond to the topic of the site on which the optimizer plans to place it.

It is allowed to post articles that are of an advertising nature, namely: containing addresses, phone numbers and other contacts – only if they are issued in the form of press releases, interviews, analytical materials and are intended to be posted on websites of the following topics: news portals, media * etc.

The article should be divided into paragraphs.

We are considering several formats of cooperation:

  • Posting an article to the blog is free, keeping the authorship.
    Subjects of articles that are accepted: Cars, Computer technologies, Games, Gadgets, Household appliances, Motorcycles.
  • Mutual promotion. If you have resources for cross-promotion, we will be glad to cooperate. We will be interested in: your blog, social media channel, regular newsletter, your popular website or portal, your other proposals for cooperation.
  • Blog advertising and link placement. If you are interested in promoting on our blog on a paid basis, placing links in the blog – send material and we will inform you about the options and cost of publishing on the blog.

What does all this give you personally?

You can try yourself in a new quality. One text, of course, will not make you a journalist overnight. However, you will experience how it works and if you have a further desire to move and develop in this direction, we can help you.

If you are a student or just going to study in this field, you can save the published text for your own resume. You will have a link to the material and your name with the surname in the column of the author.

Send to us your text on our email: fiveadvert@gmail.com

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