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Tires for all seasons

In the previous review we wrote about the Top 40 tires, now we will display the Top all-season tires and their prices.

Although drivers in areas with harsh winters show it their preference for snow tires with nails, in some countries or areas the snow is not so frequent, so it is less likely to the paved roads are covered with ice or snow.

The construction of the tires for all seasons, is done especially for specific places. Their main feature is the possibility of using them throughout the year, without the need for replacement.

These tires make it possible driving safely and confidently in both hot summer conditions as well as with the ambient temperature falling below
zero. They offer stable traction on the road both on dry and on wet surfaces.

Which are the best all season Tyres?

Each buyer selects for the price and his favorite tire manufacturer, because there is no absolute leader among manufacturers. But we made our own Top tire manufacturer in all season tyres for UK

The main characteristics of these tires:

1) Tire tread pattern. Large amount of heels for optimal traction, yet with a less aggressive pattern than that of winter tires.

2) Depth of foot. Compared to regular winter tires, have a smaller tread eight. This event creates another feature.

3) Reduced tire wear. The tires for all seasons have a long lifespan, since the highest sole requires more time to wear.

4) Greater comfort. The softer components of rubber, of which is used in the manufacture of specific tires, together with no nails, ensure smoother driving and lower noise emissions.

Numerous major tire manufacturers, such as Good Year, Nokian, Michelin, Pirelli, Kumho etc., offer products for all seasons. The popularity of tires for all seasons in large numbers countries and regions, is due to the generality of their use.

Also, thelegislation in most European countries restricts their use tires. For this reason, if the climate in your area is quite mild and snow rarely appears in winter, keep in mind you buy tires for all seasons.

They provide a balance of comfort and safety, with very few drawbacks compared to the specialized ones tires. At the same time, you will save money, since you will not change tires twice a year.

Remember to choose high quality products and rely on the technical details of the manual of your vehicle (such as tire dimensions and tires pressure values).

TOP-5 models for cars and crossovers

  1. Cordiant Off Road

If you are looking for the best all-season tires for passenger cars and prefer a domestic manufacturer, we recommend taking a closer look at this inexpensive model. Designed for off-road conditions, the tires have good lugs and increased durability. The rubber is reliably protected from possible damage from sharp edges of stones, the tread is equipped with expanding grooves that allow these tires to independently clear of dirt and fine gravel. The rubber from Cordiant is produced in popular sizes R15 and R16 in our ranking best all season tyres.

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  • affordable price;
  • excellent cross-country ability;
  • maintaining reliable adhesion at temperatures down to -15 degrees;
  • predictable behavior on asphalt;
  • good braking both on dry and wet roads;
  • quick cleansing of snow porridge and dirt;
  • acoustic comfort.


  • lack of large diameter standard sizes in the line;
  • a decrease in the level of cross-country ability on a clay road;
  • poor grip in icy conditions;
  • little noise when driving on asphalt.
best all season tyres

4.MAXXIS Bravo AT-771

Chinese tires almost reached the top three in the best rubber rating. This model is versatile and affordable. Tires make little noise when driving on asphalt and do not lose contact with the roadway even on a wet road. On the ground, they strive to get off track due to the underdeveloped tread pattern in the shoulder area. At the same time, the tires are stiff enough to be ready for bumps and sharp edges of uneven asphalt and meet the requirements of acoustic comfort. All-season tires from a Chinese manufacturer are suitable for driving even at low temperatures, but wears out faster than many analogues.


  • handling on any asphalt;
  • effective self-cleaning;
  • maintaining traction even at sub-zero temperatures;
  • lack of aquaplaning effect ..


  • rapid wear;
  • insecure behavior in a rut.
best all season tyres
  1. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons

Perhaps not a single rating of all-season tires for passenger cars can do without mentioning rubber from an American manufacturer. This model is distinguished by good performance in combination with an affordable price. The tread has a V-pattern with fairly strong side blocks, which gives the required level of rigidity. The V speed index indicates that this tire model is suitable for driving on the highway. Rubber performs well when driving on city roads and on unpaved roads. If you are used to a neat riding style, this model is a great choice for year-round use.


  • high level of controllability;
  • good cross-country ability on dirt roads, which is not lost both when driving on snow and on grass;
  • wear resistance;
  • good directional stability, which helps to save fuel;
  • moderate noise;
  • reliability during emergency braking;
  • affordable price.


  • excessive softness, which makes the rubber unsuitable for driving at high temperatures.
best all season tyres
  1. Nokian Tires Rotiiva A / T Plus

For those looking for the best all-season crossover tire, this model is a great fit in many ways. The tread is very wear-resistant, the sidewalls are reinforced with reinforced cord. The design is created in such a way that when one of the blocks of the pattern is deformed, its edges cling to adjacent elements for even distribution of the load. This provides good flotation in moderate mud and snow. For versatility combined with practicality, this tire model was awarded the second line in the rating of all-season rubber for passenger cars and crossovers.

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  • durability;
  • resistance to damage;
  • high level of controllability on asphalt and dirt road;
  • increased cross-country ability;
  • fast self-cleaning;
  • good resistance to aquaplaning;
  • decent level of comfort, minimum noise.


  • high price;
  • high fuel consumption.
best all season tyres
  1. Michelin Pilot Sport A / S 3

The leader in the rating of all-season tires for crossovers and passenger cars is a model from a renowned French manufacturer. These tires belong to the premium segment and are designed primarily for driving on asphalt. At the same time, the season practically does not matter, the rubber does not lose grip when driving through puddles, wet roads, it is quickly and efficiently cleared of snow. The composition of the compound contains a large amount of natural oils. This ensures softness of the tires and driving comfort, low noise level.


  • good grip on any type of road;
  • high resistance to aquaplaning;
  • effective braking;
  • quick clearing of snow;
  • moderate noise level.


  • the tread pattern is not designed for driving on a dirt track;
  • increased wear rate in hot weather.
best all season tyres

TOP 5 all-season SUV tires

  1. Pirelli Scorpion STR 215/60

This tire model opens the rating of tires for SUVs in ranking of best all season tyres. The rubber is suitable for high-speed driving on city roads (index H). The tread pattern is equipped with longitudinal grooves for effective moisture wicking. Thanks to the reinforced sidewalls, the tires will last for a very long time with a careful driving style. The disadvantage of rubber is that it is not functional on packed snow and is not suitable for driving on ice.


  • sustainability to aquaplaning;
  • acoustic comfort;
  • wear-resistant protector;
  • durable sidewalls.


  • high price;
  • do not cope well with the rut;
  • tangible sliding in the mud;
  • small drifts at speed;
  • lose their softness at sub-zero temperatures.
best all season tyres
  1. Hankook Tire Dynapro HP2 RA33 215/60

This tire model is included in the rating of the best all-season tires due to a good balance of practicality and price. Rubber performs well when driving in the off-season and on the first snow. At the same time, the performance characteristics are preserved when driving on the highway and on a dirt road. The H speed index allows you to accelerate on this tire model to 210 km / h.


  • good balancing;
  • wear resistance;
  • resistance to aquaplaning;
  • does not lose softness at subzero temperatures;
  • keeps the trajectory in the track.
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  • the tread pattern is more suitable for driving on summer roads;
  • high noise level;
  • poor permeability in large mud;
  • long braking on wet asphalt.
best all season tyres
  1. Dunlop Grandtrek ST20 215/60

This model takes its rightful place in the rating of tires for SUVs due to its practicality and good handling. Tires from the American manufacturer are able to maintain excellent performance for 4-5 seasons. The rubber is suitable for driving on summer tracks, dirt roads, and performs well in the off-season. The H index indicates that this tire model can accelerate to 210 km / h.


  • track stability;
  • effective braking on any asphalt;
  • handling in mud and loose snow;
  • wear resistance;
  • durable sidewalls.


  • high price;
  • not suitable for rolled snow;
  • lose their softness at sub-zero temperatures.
best all season tyres
  1. YOKOHAMA Geolandar A / T G015 215/60

This model is considered by drivers mainly as an option for driving on the highway in the off-season. Despite the fact that the tread pattern cannot cope with the abundance of mud, the rubber has an excellent level of handling in slush, with the first snow. These characteristics persist even on rocky ground. Thanks to this versatility, the tires are ranked among the best for year-round use.


  • wear-resistant protector;
  • excellent balancing;
  • quick removal of snow and moisture;
  • softness that remains at subzero temperatures;
  • handling in a rut;
  • good directional stability, which is maintained at sub-zero temperatures;
  • acoustic comfort.


  • hammering stones into the tread;
  • poor handling with a lot of dirt;
  • high price.
best all season tyres
  1. TOYO Open Country H / T

If you’ve been looking for the best all-season SUV tires, the Japanese manufacturer’s range is worth looking at. This tire model is characterized by wear resistance and good cross-country ability. The special rubber composition allows the tires to remain resistant to various types of damage. Even if you install this rubber on heavy SUVs, you can be sure that the tires will last 100 thousand km. The tread pattern is formed in such a way as to cope well with traffic on asphalt, wet ground, and first snow. Ruts with a lot of water and mud are also uncomfortable with this rubber.


  • directional stability, which helps to reduce fuel consumption;
  • lack of aquaplaning effect;
  • durability;
  • acceptable price;
  • good handling on all types of road.


  • an increase in noise level as the tire tread wears out;
  • slow response to steering movement when driving off-road.
best all season tyres

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