If you still don’t have a compressor in your trunk, it’s time to buy one. No wonder we have prepared this collection – there is plenty to choose from!

Nobody has been using hand pumps for a long time: an autocompressor is much more convenient. Such devices should be in every trunk so that it is possible to constantly monitor the pressure in the wheels, and in the event of a puncture, to pump up the wheel and get to the tire fitting. In addition, compressors are useful not only for drivers: if you have bicycles or inflatable furniture, you can connect the device to them through special adapters.

Autocompressor selection criteria

The operation of an electric compressor is based on the transfer of air by one or more pistons driven by an electric motor. Most of the models are piston-type, they demonstrate high power, they can easily swing wheels, including those of utility vehicles and SUVs.

Electric diaphragm models are rare. They have low reliability and performance, so they are practically not used by motorists.

When choosing an autocompressor, you need to consider a number of operating parameters:

  •     Power Connection Type – Connectors can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or direct to battery terminals.
  •     Pressure range – it can vary from 2.5 to 20 atmospheres, the optimal level is considered to be within 6-12 atmospheres.
  •     Performance is a parameter that shows how quickly the wheel will inflate. The price of the model directly depends on the value of the indicator.
  •     Availability and type of pressure gauge – high-quality convenient models of autocompressors are equipped with pressure gauges showing the actual pressure in the compressor-tire system. The pressure gauge can be analog (dial) or digital (with display).
  •     The length of the cable – the convenience of work depends on it. Too short will not allow you to reach any of the wheels from one point.
  •     Additional functions – lights, automatic air cut-off, adapters for inflating boats, balls, bicycle tires and other air consumers. The presence of these additions will make the compressor work versatile.
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How and which compressor to choose for a car? You can rely on cost, quality or functionality, or you can rely on the opinion of other buyers who have already tested specific models in work and arranged for them a kind of test of working capabilities. Reliability remains the main parameter – the model should not let the driver down on the way.

Best compressors for auto – ranked 2021

For example, we have selected the TOP 10 best models included in the rating of automobile compressors according to consumer testing and reviews.

Kolner KCO 12/19

  •     Connection – to the cigarette lighter socket
  •     Productivity – 15 l / m
  •     Pressure – 4 atmospheres
  •     Cord – 3 m

A very simple model, which explains its cost. It pumps only up to 4 atm., So it will be ideal primarily for cars. The performance is also small: in short, an economical option for those who need a compressor once every few years.

The set includes three adapters for different occasions. Plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

Price: £5.73 from Aliexpress

Kolner KCO 12/19

Röhr Tyre Inflator AirForce 11 Air Compressor 12V 150 PSI


Price: £29.99 buy now on Amazon

35 Litres / Min

With a rapid 35 Litres per minute, the AirForce 11 is no slouch, inflating an average bike tyre to max PSI in just 20 seconds.

Röhr Tyre Inflator

1000 Peak Amp Portable Car Jumpstarter CAT Professional Jump Starter & Compressor Tyre Inflator


Price:     £93.95 buy now on Amazon


  • 1000 peak amp and 500 instant amp starting power
  • Able to jump start vehicle engines up to 6.5L
  • Features 120 PSI air compressor with Set & Forget™ functionality and SureFit™ nozzle for inflating tyres, sports equipment and more
  • Reverse polarity alarm and LCD indicator helps alert the user when connected in reverse
  • Power switch prevents power running to the clamps until ready to jump-start
  • AC charger included to keep your unit always ready to use
  • 4 USB charging ports provides up to 6.2A of charging power for phones, tablets & electronic devices for up to 10 hours
  • Dimensions: H 13.9 x W 9.4 x D 10.9 cm
  • Weight: 8.6kg
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee

Tyre Inflator

Michelin 12206 tyre inflator

While the classic Michelin 12202 is still on sale, this newer pump is their best model, the 12209, with an analog gauge only. Thus, most of the benefits of the 12209 also apply here. For example, a 70 cm hose, a pleasant inflation level, a robust construction and a variety of clips that make it easy to pack and store the pump and ensure you don’t lose the adapters you need. The sensor is as accurate as its digital counterpart and well thought out. But it can’t match the clarity of a digital display, so a 12209 for nearly the same price would be a better choice.

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michelin tyre inflator

Ryobi R18I-0 One+ 18V

The R18I-0 dual-function pump provides high pressure both in tires and in inflatable boats, mattresses or sports equipment. Easy-to-use controls allow automatic shut-off at whatever pressure is selected, and digital pressure readout is provided for accurate inflation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides high tire pressure and a large volume of inflatable boats.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast swap mode.
  • Digital readout with automatic shutdown when the desired pressure is reached.
  • Convenient switch for selecting high and low pressure. For convenience, all necessary hoses, nozzles and adapters are stored in the housing. Part of the ONE + system. The pump is sold as a clean unit (no battery or charging) to make the price more affordable.

Best Car Tyre Inflator [2021]

Michelin 12267 Tyre Inflator

Michelin is one of the top tire companies dedicated to improving the stability and portability of its products. developing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions for the needs of our customers. providing digital services, maps and travel guides to help enrich travel and create unique experiences. development of high-tech materials and much more.

Features and benefits of the pump:

  • Digital sensor accurate to +/- 1 psi inch. Built-in rechargeable battery 12 V. Up to 10 cycles of 0-2.3 atmospheres on a single charge. Pounds per sq. inch, Bar and kPa. 0-2.3 atmospheres in 3 minutes.
  • Digital power supply technology. The USB connector is ideal for charging mobile phones. 2 x 12V sockets. White digital LCD. Comes with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to buy new batteries. You can charge anything from your smartphone to your camera with this pump. The battery comes with LED lighting to help inflate your tires even in the dark.

Michelin-12267 inflator

Ring RAC 635 12v Preset Digital Air Tyre Inflator

Buy now on with price 39.99

Customer questions & answers

The RAC635 is a small, powerful pump for easy tire maintenance. Setting it up is very simple: turn the disc to the pressure level you want your tires to reach, hold down the button below, then press start.

The pump runs until the selected pressure is reached and then stops automatically. Backlit digital display shows progress clearly, pressure displayed in kPa, psi or bar.

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Ring RAC 635 12v Preset Digital Air inflator It is powered directly from a 12V car outlet, making it convenient for home or on the road. The cables are long enough to cover all four buses. The deflation valve makes it easy to adjust the pressure. Great for more than just tires – the 3-piece adapter kit means it can be used on bicycle tires and small inflatable items like soccer balls or mattresses.

It is very convenient to store accessories and the pump itself – all wires and components are neatly stacked directly into the unit or into the included case. Pump features: Trust the experts. The RAC635 was chosen by the most popular automotive magazine in the UK twice as its best buy – in 2014 and 2016. A simple auto-stop function will pre-set the desired pressure and will automatically stop inflating as soon as this pressure is reached. Absolutely the same pressure, every time. LED lighting with three settings (bright white for lighting, blinking white for attention and blinking red for SOS), a three-piece set of valves for bicycles, balls, etc., and a convenient storage case. Max. current strength 10 A.

In independent expert tests, the RAC635 outperforms the competition in usability, speed and reliability. The pump has won Auto Express Best Buy Awards 2014, 2016 and 2018, Auto Express Product Award 2017. The RAC635 can inflate a 13-inch tire from empty to 2.3 atmospheres in just 3 minutes. Such a short time allows you to quickly inflate the tires when you need it. The RAC635 comes with a case, which means you can store it safely at all times. The pre-installed digital sensor is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to set the required pressure with one turn of the regulator. Turn on the compressor and as soon as the correct tire pressure is reached, the unit will shut down. The large, blue backlit display is easy to see day and night. Built-in LED torch makes it easier to use at night and makes it safer. The pump can be set to SOS mode to draw attention or alert other motorists.

Best Car Tyre Inflator [2021]

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