Best Free Sat Nav App

If you have a smartphone in your pocket, then you can install the best GPS navigator for yourself, and it only takes a few minutes of your precious time. In this TOP Best Free Sat Nav App, we have collected the best Android and IOS models that are most in demand in 2020 and show the most effective performance.

Of course, all navigation programs can work without the Internet (in full or limited mode), the main thing is the presence of a GPS receiver in your smartphone or tablet.

All the proposed TOP applications can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Market and Apple Store through the rating links indicated. All that remains is to choose the perfect Android and IOS Sat Nav App for your needs.

How do I use my phone as a sat nav?

Depending on your phone and manufacturer, there is a Google Market and an Apple Store. Go to the application data and in the search enter the GPS sat nav🛰️, you will be given the applications available.
Don’t forget to turn on GPS on your phone

What is the best app for sat nav?

The best app for sat nav is considered in terms of reviews on the Google Play Market and Apple Store. Google Maps is rightfully the leader. The application is well optimized, supports a huge number of languages, works on all devices and has a large number of functions.

Google Maps.

Best Free Sat Nav App

For many countries of the world, Google Maps can be safely called the best Android Sat Nav App. Anyway, for the tourist, this app is worth installing. So, Google Maps has been downloaded from the Play Market more than 1 billion times, while more than 8.5 million downloaded all 5 stars, making an average score around 4.3 points.

Supports application in 220 countries of the world. There are voice prompts, there is a public transport database, and detailed information on 100 million places. Through the application, you can even see real photos of popular establishments and memorable places. True, not all the features of the Google Maps Sat Nav App can be revealed in your country and in your city.


  • maps for 220 countries;
  • photos of popular places;
  • public transport base.


  • there is advertising;
  • in some countries the functionality is cut off;
  • Internet is needed.

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic & Live Navigation.

Best Free Sat Nav App

Another Best Sat Nav App is Waze, which is known all over the world as one of the leaders in the ratings of the best Android navigators. The app has been downloaded over 100 million times, while the average rating is very high – 4.6 points, all thanks to 7 million 5-star reviews that users left in the Google Play Market.

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He plots the routes perfectly, calculates the time taking into account all traffic jams, traffic restrictions and unforeseen situations, making his forecasts especially accurate.

This proves its superiority in many world rankings. But Waze also has other nice features, for example, it can find the nearest cheapest gas station. In addition, Waze has been upgraded to Android Auto systems, making it easy to plan a route from your smartphone to your car display. And this is only part of the innovative capabilities of this wonderful program.


  • accurately predicts travel times based on many factors;
  • looking for cheap gas stations;
  • supports Weblink;
  • works in tandem with Android Auto;
  • in many ratings it takes 1st place among the best Android navigators.


  • there is advertising;
  • Internet is needed.

Free truck sat nav app

Free truck sat nav app

Due to the constantly growing consumerism, which directly affects the growing number of trucks on the road, which, in turn, leads to a significant reduction in the number of free parking spaces, because, unfortunately, their number does not grow properly, many drivers have problems finding a suitable place for a break.

Here, not only convenience is very often important, but also, and sometimes above all, time – it happens that we gape a little and, you see, the tachograph readings indicate a mandatory break after a few minutes.

In such cases, using rush applications, thanks to which it takes literally seconds to find a place in any parking lot across Europe. The best of them is the RoadLords – Free Truck GPS Navigation.

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Best Free Sat Nav App

TransParking – find parking along your route in category free truck sat nav app

Every day, thousands of drivers from all over Europe face the same problem: where to find a parking spot for a break. TransParking comes to the aid of drivers – a free application for phones that notifies about the availability of free spaces in the selected parking lot, as well as whether there is, for example, a shower. TransParking is specially designed for truck drivers. This application helps them find the nearest parking lot or all parking lots along the planned route. The description of each car park contains information about the facilities available, such as showers, catering, car washes, gyms, Wi-Fi, and security measures.

Drivers can independently add parking lots in the application and inform other users about the availability of free spaces on them. A big plus for the creators is also for the function that allows you to search for parking lots without the need for an Internet connection. Thanks to the expanding community, the base of parking lots in the app is gradually growing.

Best Free Sat Nav App

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