2020 American car brand loyalty rankings: Subaru, Lexus win the championship

A few days ago, JD Power released the 2020 brand loyalty ranking report. Among them, the Japanese niche brand Subaru ranked first among ordinary brands, and Lexus ranked first among luxury brands. This is also the second consecutive year for the two car companies in their respective brands. Win the championship in the breakdown ranking.

It is understood that the study is based on US auto transaction data from June 2019 to May 2020. The research aims to rank automakers based on the percentage of owners who return to the same brand when buying or buying the next car. .

The data shows that Subaru’s brand loyalty value is 60.5%, which is slightly better than Toyota’s 60.3%.

In addition, Honda (58.7%), RAM (57.3%) and Ford (54.3%) ranked third to fifth respectively.

In terms of luxury brands, Lexus once again topped the list with 48%, and Mercedes-Benz maintained a small gap with Lexus with 47.8% loyalty. BMW (45.1%), Porsche (44.9%) and Audi (43.4%) rank next.

American car brand loyalty rankings

It is worth mentioning that Jaguar ranks at the bottom of the luxury brand list, with a loyalty rate of only 20.7%, which is much lower than other luxury brands.

American car brand loyalty rankings

It is reported that the overall loyalty of consumers to car brands has risen by one percentage point, with approximately 140,000 consumers expressing their intention to purchase existing brand models.

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