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The second-generation crossover AUDI Q3 has a lot of well-known, and yet it’s a completely different car.


Why do we love cars? Probably because we can just get behind the wheel and go, and not wait (sometimes for hours) when they invite, say, on a plane. Although waiting for a charter flight at Munich airport turned out to be boring: this is an outpost of Audi. Here you can see new items, take trainings and buy souvenirs. In one of such places of attraction for brand fans – in the information center my Audi Sphere – I studied with interest the oldest “brother” of the AUDI Q3 – the giant Q8, which will come to Russia this year. No less interesting was the stand with a small display and two toy cars: when you start moving them across the field in front of the screen, you see a description of the systems used in Audi. So, without sitting in the salon, you can quickly understand how modern electronic assistants work, of which there are more and more in models of all classes.

Official Website AUDI Q3 2020

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But before evaluating the electronics of the new AUDI Q3, I flew to the test site and walked a little around a spectacular bright crossover. Perhaps the exterior of the car has become even more interesting and balanced. Thanks to the successful combination of everything that modern car design breathes, character has appeared in the guise of this “German”. In front, it is undoubtedly given out by a new angular radiator grille with thin vertical lamellas, on the side – a line connecting the convex front fenders and expressive, but not overly swayed “shoulders”. At the rear, the Q3 captivates with a variety of well-designed stampings that enliven the fifth door and visually expand the SUV. A separate story – bumpers, the type of which depends on the configuration, trim line and God knows what else. At the same time, even on the limited edition Edition one with the S-line equipment line, the exhaust pipes are traditionally hidden by a bumper.

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AUDI Q3 2020
AUDI Q3 2020
AUDI Q3 2020

And what about the size? Visually, the machine is perceived about the same as it was, but the numbers say otherwise. The length has grown by almost a dozen centimeters, and, more importantly, by 8 cm – the base. The rear seats, in any configuration, can now be moved back and forth by 15 cm, and the backrest can be tilted in seven positions: more flexibility, more space.

I will finish the preliminary portrait of the new AUDI Q3 with headlights and taillights: they are already standard only LED, with the same type of graphics and “running” turn signals. And if you wish, you can also order with matrix adaptive head optics, as on the “older” models of the brand.

Now is the time to look inside and understand what has changed there. Opening the door, I see two large displays around which the entire front panel is built. There will be no analog devices in Audi – the Rubicon has been crossed! True, in the settings you can select β€œdrawn” devices of three types, including the option where electronic scales are difficult to distinguish from analog ones.

But electronics are just the visible part of the iceberg that connects car owners to the digital world with Audi connect. For example, advanced voice control, when communicating with the owner, respectfully silences if you interrupt him.

I’ll get to know the rest of the electronics later, but for now I’ll look around. The interior echoes the optimistic exterior, dominated by vibrant colors and quality materials. My test car has electrically adjustable sports seats, which are part of the Design selection. Nice little things – body-colored Alcantara on the dashboard and doors and an illuminated quattro lettering above the glove compartment.

2020 audi q3


For the first acquaintance, I choose a version with a new top-end 2-liter 230-horsepower gasoline engine, a 7-speed S-tronic “robot”, all-wheel drive and 20-inch wheels. By the way, we can definitely talk about engines only in relation to the European market, where the model has already entered. At the start, European customers will have a choice of three petrol engines and two diesels. The renewal of the units is largely due to the tightening of environmental standards – in the gasoline modifications, the β€œexhaust” already contains a particulate filter, which works in about the same way as on a diesel engine.

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audi q3 review

And the champion of new technologies, apparently, will be a new 1.5-liter 150-horsepower gasoline engine with a very light aluminum block and a cylinder shutdown system. With a light load, the cylinders are completely shut off – inlet and outlet valves do not work in them and no spark is supplied.

But if disabling the cylinders is becoming commonplace, then hybrid injection, used on 2-liter gasoline units, is a relatively fresh solution. In addition to direct injection, multi-point injection works here to reduce harmful emissions – with fuel supply to the intake ports. By the way, assessing the dynamics of the growth of greenhouse gases, the Europeans recently announced that cars with internal combustion engines in Europe only have 10 years to live, and then traditional engines can only be used as an addition to other motors, mainly electric. Wait and see!

Having got used to the cockpit with two “TVs”, I choose the dynamic setting, which revives the already provocative crossover to the limit, because the top-end gasoline engine has bypassed a diesel of the same volume in terms of thrust and is ready to accelerate the Q3 45 TFSI to “hundreds” in 6.3 seconds! It is a pity that the signs on the Italian autobahns do not allow us to fully assess the capabilities of the car, and they are very busy. However, soon the road went into the mountains, where a lot was learned about the new product. At this stage, I had to literally split in two – a narrow track with endless hairpins, autotourists, cyclists and hordes of motorcyclists demanded unremitting attention. And my eyes involuntarily slid over the marshmallow-pink Dolomites, distracting from the road and the car. Nevertheless, there was still enough time to explore some of the sights – mountain lakes and beautiful passes in the valleys of Val di Fassa and Val Gardena are unforgettable.

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On serpentines, AUDI Q3 2020 showed its best side. In “mother-in-law” the whole arsenal of advanced systems came in handy, from the adaptive steering wheel, all-wheel drive and “robot” to the optional adaptive suspension. On such roads, I prefer to switch with paddle shifters, so that before the next bend it is easier to brake and shoot forward at the exit. The car behaves very collected and without surprises, unless the pilot himself is mistaken.

In the second stage, I took a AUDI Q3 with a diesel engine and a 6-speed manual. I was pleasantly amused by the “Start-Stop” system, she understands that if the driver makes a mistake, the engine stalls accidentally, and starts it. Touching care.


The new Audi Q3 is frankly pleasing. It has everything you expect from a compact urban (14 cm ground clearance) crossover: a fresh, balanced look, intelligent combinations of units and (last but not least) a large useful volume. Those who “like it hot” will eventually be offered an RS version, but no hybrids are expected.

I don’t seem to have forgotten anything. Oh yes, I promised to tell you what can be loaded into this small car. There are two child seats in the back seat, while the trunk also holds two full-size strollers for babies at the same time! Parents of twins have a lot to think about.

DIMENSIONS, MM4485Ρ…1856Ρ…1585
TRANSMISSION7-stage “robot”

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