aurus senat

The rear saloon is quite luxurious, with convertible seats and folding tables. There is also a refrigerator and crystal glasses perfect for enjoying an adult drink. Another cool feature that differentiates the Senat from the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the all-wheel drive

The model is intended, first of all, for the top officials of the state, however, some versions will also go on sale in a free limited edition. The novelty has received a powerful and rather advanced power unit, modern transmission, comfortable interior and luxurious exterior. The designers decided to collect all the best features of foreign models of this class in the model. From the front, the car resembles a Rolls-Royce. It has the same monumental rectangular grille with vertical fins. The silhouette and stern are very similar to the Bentley Flying Spur. In particular, it is worth noting the gentle cut of the rear struts, the shape of the fenders and brake lights.

Aurus Senat


The Aurus Senate S600 is a four-door full-size executive sedan. Its overall dimensions are: length 5630 mm, width 2020 mm, height 1685 mm, and wheelbase 3300 mm. The ground clearance is quite large and can reach as much as 200 millimeters. The vehicle is based on the domestic EMP platform (a single modular platform, also known as the “Cortege” project). It implies a front longitudinal arrangement of the power unit and a fully independent suspension. It is worth noting the sophisticated architecture of the rear multi-link with an additional integral lever. Moreover, pneumatic elements are installed in a circle, which significantly increase the smoothness of the ride.

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Under the hood of the Aurus Senat is a V-shaped turbocharged gasoline eight-cylinder unit. In parallel with it, an auxiliary electric motor operates, powered by a separate high-voltage battery. Together, thanks to the two turbochargers, this tandem generates 598 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 880 Nm of torque in the range from 2200 to 4750 crankshaft revolutions per minute. A nine-band classic hydromechanical automatic acts as a transmission. The full drive is connected with an electromechanical clutch that transfers part of the torque to the wheels of the front axle. As a result, the sedan is able to accelerate to the first hundred in just 4.7 seconds and has an electronic speed limiter at around 250 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption in the city will be 17.1 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers, 10.6 liters on the highway and 13 liters in the combined cycle.

Aurus is a new Russian company hoping to challenge Bentley and Rolls-Royce at the very top of the luxury car market. Senat has been homologated for sale in Europe and will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March

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Aurus Senat


As befits models of this class, Aurus Senat has the widest list of equipment. Its interior is trimmed with genuine leather and flaunts wood inserts. Inside, there are many airbags, both front and rear, ABS and ASR stabilization, electric seats with heating and massage function, an advanced media system with premium acoustics, an air conditioner with several zones of operation, and an extensive safety complex with a mass advanced collision avoidance and lane departure systems.

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