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BMW cars have always been famous not only for traditional German quality and reliability, but also for a large number of technologies that help you drive and make any trip more comfortable and safer. Today we will look at such functions using the example of the BMW 320i.

Whenever you get into the car of the Bavarian concern, there is a feeling that you are at least James Bond. No, of course, we all remember that 007 drove an Aston Martin car, but that’s not the point. The BMW 320i has a very rich interior. Leather seats, metal, premium plastics, plus a fairly large monitor and plenty of controls. The feeling that you got into a spaceship (this happens when you get into new Citroen cars) is not here, but this is for the best. But you can feel the style, modern design and German traditions.

BMW 320i appearance

You can fall in love with the design of this car at first sight. Beautiful, powerful, dark blue (almost black), in general, this is how the car should look like. The BMW 320i seemed to descend from a poster in a teenager’s room. A long hood, strict and smooth body lines, “aggressive” headlights, a branded double radiator grill – all this affects the overall impression of the car’s appearance. This BMW looks stylish and even sporty, but not without a classic touch. Thus, this model combines the characters of both a racing car and a city car.

bmw 320i

When you look at a car from the outside, it is not immediately clear how huge it is. You understand the true size only when you sit inside. The BMW 320i is really very big. Five people of dense build and large stature will fit here, but it will be cramped behind. However, tall people will have other problems as well. The car is low, so you have to bend over strongly when landing. With growth above 180 cm, this is not very convenient, but bearable. As for legroom, here it is with a margin. Car dimensions are also important when driving. It will be especially difficult for those who have not rode sedans before – after all, the length of this car is almost 4.5 meters. It took me a day to get used to the size of the car and calmly turn, make a U-turn and park. In principle, nothing complicated, you just need to remember that there is a large hood ahead.

Inside, it’s like it’s not a car, but an airplane. Large screen, electronic gear stick, instrument cluster display and many buttons and knobs to control the vehicle. But all the elements are necessary here, and the BMW 320i is even easier to drive than any other car.

bmw 320i interior

Separately, I would like to say about the box of the car, or rather, about the control lever. Although it should be called a joystick, you simply select the desired mode on the stylized knob and start moving. This knob has two fixed positions: there is a sport mode in which the revs are brought to the zone of the highest torque for quick response of the accelerator pedal. To the left of it are buttons for enabling additional modes. It is strange that in this case the hand brake lever is the most ordinary, mechanical, because there are already automated electronic models.

Here you can select the driving mode, disable the traction control system, enable the rear or side view camera. The wheel of control of the multimedia system and climate control also deserves special words. It is conveniently located right in front of the armrest. Thus, the driver can customize everything he needs without being distracted from the road. It is strange that the display was not made touch-sensitive, because for some small actions it could be much more convenient. So, you can turn the wheel and thus select items in the menu. Or you can tilt it and, accordingly, enter or exit some sub-items. In general, everything is simple and you can get used to it in a few minutes. There are buttons to access the main functions, so you don’t have to wander through the car menu to start navigation or radio.

Of course, there are plenty of glossy surfaces in the car. However, if you want it to look pretty, you will often have to wipe down the plastic parts, as fingerprints and dust can appear on them very quickly. The rest of the interior of the BMW 320i can be called ideal. There are leather upholstery of the seats, metal inserts, and even a harman / kardon sound system. So this car can be considered truly premium.

Chassis and impressions

It’s not in our rules to focus on the driving characteristics of a car, but in the case of the BMW 320i, it would be foolish not to mention them. Under the hood of this car is a two-liter four-cylinder engine. They replaced the old model, and due to the turbine with variable geometry (Twin Scroll), the car has a good response to the gas pedal throughout the entire engine range. Thus, now the motor has more torque, as well as a good power reserve of 184 horsepower and interesting parameters of economy.

This car accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds, but behind the wheel its dynamism is felt even better. As soon as you press the gas pedal, the car immediately rushes into battle. It even seems that such a shell is not enough for the engine and it is able to pull the car more. Nevertheless, this behavior of the car will help when maneuvering on the road, since there will be no problems overtaking someone or dodging a possible collision. It should be noted that no “jerks” or “dips” were noticed when driving. The car just starts moving, smoothly and quickly. Engine operation is audible from the passenger compartment, but not much, thanks to good sound insulation.

BMW 320i

The box in this BMW can be six-speed (manual), or eight (automatic), depending on the configuration. Of course, the eight-speed version is more expensive. You don’t think about gears anymore, the transmission itself gives out what the driver needs, providing much smoother shifting. In the basic configuration, the car is rear-wheel drive, however, it is possible to purchase an all-wheel drive model. And given that the 320i has a sports suspension, it will be comfortable on the road with any drive.

When it comes to consumption, this BMW model is very economical. Despite the two-liter engine with a turbine, the great power and weight of the car, around the city I got about 10 liters per 100 kilometers. On the highway, it is slightly less than 7 liters. Of course, consumption is very dependent on driving style and if you rush along the roads, overtaking everyone at every intersection, then the consumption will be higher, but not much. This moment cannot but rejoice, since the BMW 320i is, although a premium car, it is still in the middle class. This means that its customers are not yet completely indifferent to costs.

I liked driving this car, there are no problems either with the control or with the dimensions. The car is really very playful and the first time you have to get used to the fact that it rushes forward. However, then the whole journey is just a pleasure. A couple of times I had to go to overtake and for the BMW 320i it was not a super task, you just press a little harder on the gas and overtake calmly. Of course, you can love cars of this brand for such dynamics. However, let’s see what a high-tech car has.

Conclusions and Feedback from Reddit

The BMW 320i is certainly not a perfect car, but it is already very close to that definition. I liked almost everything about this car, with the exception of some features – for example, for me it is a little low set. I, of course, was insanely impressed by the intelligent cruise control, thanks to which I could relax on the track and practically read a book. And in principle, the technological filling of this BMW is impressive. It is noticeable that the company follows the development of the industry and is trying to integrate interesting solutions into its products.

The chassis of the BMW 320i is excellent too. Sports suspension, powerful engine, and at the same time low fuel consumption – what else can you dream of? Is that about good looks, but here the Bavarian did not disappoint. It’s also great that you don’t have to buy a navigator or other gadgets for this car, because all this is already in the built-in system.

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