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What is a Rally?

Dakar Rally (or classic rally) is a sports car competition that takes place on real roads, partially blocked only for the duration of the rally, and consists in overcoming a single route for the crews, in compliance with the established schedule.

Rally rules

Pilots and co-drivers, regardless of the level of the competition, whether it is a world championship or an amateur race, undergo so-called administrative checks, at which they must present a set of certain documents: a driver’s license, sports license and medical clearance.

The next stage of the competition is familiarization with the track. The crew is given a road book consisting of a route sheet, a map of the area on which the competition takes place, and legends. Using these documents, the crew has the right to drive through high-speed sections three times.

The next step in preparing for the race is to undergo a technical inspection, where the sports car and all equipment (helmet, overalls, gloves, shoes) are checked for compliance with certain standards called homologation.

After passing the technical inspection and receiving permission to participate in the race, the crew gets the right to stick start numbers and mandatory advertising on the sports car.

How to take part in the Rally?

The guys on the site have contacts and instructions on how to participate in the rally.

What is Dakar?

The Dakar Rally has been held since 1979 and is considered one of the most difficult and at the same time most famous off-road races. Professional athletes and factory teams take part in the rally-raid, but most of the participants (up to 80%) are amateurs. Since 1981, there has been no absolute classification in the race, this is a personal competition of riders who on Dakar have to fight not only with each other, but also with the surrounding nature, which is not at all friendly to people in the rally places, and with equipment that refuses to drive in such conditions.

Dakar Rally

But due to the tragic military and political events that unfolded in Libya in 2011, it was impossible to hold large international races there, and the Libya Rally had to be held in safer places. Two races were held in Tunisia, and since 2013, the rally has been held in Morocco, as a result of which this year the race was renamed Morocco Desert Challenge.

The number of participants in the race is growing year by year, in 2016 there were 120 of them. Due to this popularity, the organizers of the Morocco Desert Challenge decided to introduce additional subcategories in all tests.

Dakar Rally

The current edition of the Moroccan rally-raid provides 8 subcategories for motorcyclists, including a separate one for participants on “classic” vehicles produced at least 25 years ago, a women’s classification, a veteran classification – for athletes aged 50 and over, a beginner’s classification, whose asset is no more than one rally-raid, as well as the category of athletes performing without assistance.

The ATV category is divided into two – mono and four-wheel drive. In SUVs there are T1 categories, petrol and diesel SUVs separately, as well as buggies (4 × 2, petrol and diesel in the same category), two subcategories in T2 – just production and production with two reinforced bridges, “classic” for T1 and T2 together – off-road vehicles produced 20 or more years ago, T3 – SSV, and a mixed women’s classification, which unites participants from the T1, T2 and T3 categories.

Dakar Rally

The Morocco Desert Challenge (Dakar Rally), a coast-to-coast race, will consist of 7 linear stages (excluding one in Merzouga) ranging from 200 to 400 km in the spirit of the Dakar, with no liaison! All kilometers of the race are “combat”.

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Dakar Rally

Applications for participation in the Morocco Desert Challenge(Dakar Rally) officially end on February 15th, but by January almost the entire limit of seats had been exhausted, which indicates the incredible popularity of the race.

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