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Focus of the 4th generation, one of the finalists of the competition “Car of the Year in Europe 2019”, came to Italy for serious tests: different types of roads and even flooded areas were waiting for him at the test site. We will also introduce the 2019 Ford Focus ST.

Ford Focus 2019
Ford Focus 2019

Pragmatic design of Focus 2019

The 2019 Ford Focus was brought to Vairano-Patenora (Italy) in two bodies – a hatchback and a station wagon. Compared to its predecessor, the car looks more expensive and more dynamic. This effect was given by the elongated hood and the front pillars moved back 94 mm. The “fourth” Ford Focus is generally larger than the 2013 model.

That of the hatchback, that of the station wagon, the roof goes into the spoiler. And this is not only a tribute to the sporty design: the spoiler relieves the load on the rear axle by means of an aerodynamic effect.

The horizontal design of the lanterns also solves a constructive problem – thanks to this arrangement, it was possible to expand the trunk opening. Not recognizing a new Focus if it is driving ahead will not work. The tailgate is adorned with chrome Focus lettering.

The only downside to the sporty design is the low ground clearance. The European version of the Ford Focus has only 170 mm under the front bumper. Focus’s competitor, Toyota Corolla, has more ground clearance, and when adapting for our roads, the manufacturer promises to raise it by another 50 mm.

Video 2020 Ford Focus

Curvature of space

The first thing you notice when looking into the salon of the new Ford Focus is the spaciousness that the previous generation car could not boast of. First of all, the manufacturer was able to provide comfort to passengers in the second row – largely thanks to the thin backs of the front seats with a stamping at the back. The legroom has increased by 50 mm. The driver and the one sitting next to him, too, will not have to complain: it has become more spacious due to the recesses on the door trims.

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The interior of the new Focus is trimmed with soft plastic. A comfortable armrest with a spacious niche is located between the front seats. The driver has the necessary sockets and USB ports at hand. In general, the interior design is laconic. There are no extra buttons, and those that remain have moved to the lower part of the center console. The eight-inch display of the multimedia system is slightly raised. The Land Rover e-Shifter allows for manual gear changes. It takes up much less space than a classic gear selector.

2019 Ford Focus
Visually, the cockpit looks lighter than the previous generation car. All controls are available.

The dashboard – they have real arrows! – in Ford Focus 2019, they were slightly moved away from the driver. For the first time in the European version of the Focus, the Head-up Display appeared – in a budget version, with a small retractable screen that displays the speed and other data.

The luggage compartment is spacious, in the hatchback it has increased by 24 liters (now it holds 341 liters), and with the seats folded down – as much as 92 liters (1320 liters), compared to the previous generation car. The trunk has everything you need: sockets, lights, luggage fasteners. There is plenty of space under the floor and there is a niche for a stowaway.

Ford Focus 2019
In the hatchback, the standard trunk volume has grown by 25 liters – up to 341 liters. There is a place for a stowaway under the rug.

Modifications and equipment of Ford Focus 2019

The 4th generation Ford Focus is the first Ford built on the all-new C2 platform. There are versions with 3-cylinder petrol turbo engines and 4-cylinder diesel engines. Paired with 125 and 150 hp gasoline engines. and with diesel power of 120 and 150 hp. there is a new 8-speed automatic, capable of adapting to the individual driving style. Paired with the rest of the motors, a 6-speed manual transmission is available, which, as a result of the modernization, has become a little quieter during operation.

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The new Focus has many convenient features. The car is equipped with an infotainment system that supports the protocols for synchronizing the smartphone with the Android Auto multimedia system and Apple CarPlay. There is also a whole complex of driving assistants called Ford Co-Pilot360, thanks to which the car is able to steer, accelerate and brake at the right time, analyzing the road situation. And the electronics are also able to recognize pedestrians and markings.

Behavior on the road

ford focus 2019

After examining and feeling the Focus from all sides, we finally leave for the test site. The test car is a hatchback with a 120 hp 1.5-liter diesel engine. – turned out to be surprisingly playful. On the track, the Focus, which has become almost 90 kg lighter than its predecessor, keeps a straight line well, easily and accurately controlled, including due to the body rigidity increased by 20%. We go into a turn – Focus confidently dives there itself, the driver has absolutely nothing to worry about.

We are driving on a wet road (a special shower on the track irrigates certain areas). On slippery surfaces, the car starts to turn, but the safety-related, finely tuned ESP intervenes in time and carefully to prevent skidding.

What the manufacturer has conjured up over the suspension is especially felt on uneven sections of the track. For the first time, the Focus is equipped with an adaptive chassis with electronically adjustable dampers that adapt to road conditions by evaluating data from suspension, steering and brakes. The front on the Ford Focus is MacPherson, the rear should have a suspension on connected levers, which, unfortunately, could not be tested in practice: for some reason, a simplified version of the suspension appeared on the test model. But even in this version, the Focus swallows irregularities without hesitation and hard blows. At the same time, the interior is quiet thanks to well thought-out noise insulation … and again to the suspension – new hinges contribute to the noise level reduction.

The Focus is a great car to frolic in. And besides, the new model is the result of serious error correction. Having got rid of the main problem – the lack of space, the Focus with its decent equipment with assistants and an economical motor outperforms direct competitors. Perhaps among the arguments in favor of Ford will be its cost. In Europe, the price for the new Focus will start from 18 thousand euros

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2019 Ford Focus ST

2019 Ford Focus ST

External differences between the charged version of the ST and the standard “Focus” are not so great: other alloy wheels, a different style of the radiator grille for better cooling, and an aerodynamic body kit, including from below, covering the suspension arms.

2019 Ford Focus ST
2019 Ford Focus ST

The exhaust flared in the corners (now you can safely put the towbar) and the rear diffuser complete the aggressive look.
This is the version with the Performance Package, which comes from the red brake calipers.

2019 Ford Focus ST

There are 2-piston mechanisms in the front and single-piston mechanisms in the back. With discs enlarged in diameter (330×27 front and 302×11 rear).

Ford Focus 2019 and Focus ST: Review, Prices, Photos and Videos
Inside, there are Recaro front seats, a sports steering wheel, and lots of ST and Ford Performance badges.
Ford Focus 2019 and Focus ST: Review, Prices, Photos and Videos

Ford Focus 2019 and Focus ST: Review, Prices, Photos and Videos
Ford SYNC 3 multimedia system with 8-inch color touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Plus a built-in FordPass Connect modem with a mobile WiFi hotspot with the ability to connect up to 10 devices. Everything is the same as in other “Focuses”.

Under the hood is the Focus ST, a 2.3-liter Ecoboost petrol engine producing 280 hp at 5,500 rpm and 420 Nm. in the range from 3,000 to 4,000 rpm. This is the most powerful version in the ST range.

In the suspension, damping is monitored by the Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) system, collecting information from multiple sensors every two milliseconds. CCD is included in Drive Mode, where, along with the settings for the electric power steering, motor and automatic transmission, it adjusts the shock absorbers for the driving mode selected by the driver.

Electric Power Steering (EPAS) is 15 percent sharper than the standard Focus. The electronically controlled eLSD disc differential lock (Borg Warner) is more responsive and more precise than the traditional mechanical LSD.

The Focus ST sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds.
The 6-speed manual transmission allows for more precise gear changes. The Performance Package features an engine speed control system borrowed from the Ford Mustang. At the speed limit, the indicator lights up as a hint.

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