heads up display car

If you want the meter readings to be projected onto the windshield, you need a heads up display car or HUD. Three of these devices fell into our hands.

Head up Display Car
Similar stickers are in the kits of all the described devices. The traffic police officer can find fault with them, because they impair the view. Tall drivers find it easier: they can look over the screen.

At the end of the last century, such devices seemed to be something alien. The term HUD comes from the English-language combination head-up display: literally – “head up display“, more clearly – a projector on the windshield.

At first, these devices were not related to the automotive industry and were used in military aviation. Navigation data, indications of the most important instruments, information about the state of the aircraft systems were displayed on the protective glass of the helmet, helping the pilot to concentrate on the task. The first HUD (heads up display car) displays were monochrome, but the picture soon took on color.

High technologies descended from heaven and registered on the car. Expensive models receive such a system at the factory, while owners of budget cars can purchase the projector separately.

We decided to test these relatively cheap products for professional suitability. They are united by oriental origin, minimum information and four-digit price. We were offered to purchase a more expensive projector that even shows a movie on the windshield. But why provoke the driver with such entertainment?

HUD Garmin

heads up display car


Indicator device working in conjunction with the navigation program via a smartphone via Bluetooth protocol. It is the installed application that displays tips on the screen: direction indicators and distance to the turn. The device shows the current speed and time to finish. In fact, it is an additional screen of a smartphone, and at the same time a monochrome image looks out of date.

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The picture can be displayed both on the screen glued to the windshield and on your organic glass shield. The image doubles noticeably, the indicators are small. The electroluminescent display gets very hot: 62 degrees at room temperature! The price adds its share of negativity.


heads up display car

$18.04 on Ebay.com

This device (heads up display car) is connected by a cable to the OBD connector. The gauge shows the speed, engine speed, hourly fuel consumption in the parking lot and fuel consumption per 100 km of run, as well as the voltage of the on-board network, engine temperature, throttle opening angle and other data. There is a sound indication of exceeding the preset parameters.

Unfortunately, the picture on the screen is noticeably doubled: the information display system is clearly inferior to a conventional trip computer with a simple display. You have to adjust the device with one push wheel, which is very inconvenient. The accuracy of displaying the speed is low, since it is taken from the “brains” of the machine, and is not calculated from satellites, like a competitor with GPS.

GPS Q7 Windshield Projector

heads up display car

$48.99 on Amazon

The device is connected to a 12-volt outlet, and therefore the only parameter that it receives directly from the car and projects it onto the screen is the voltage of the on-board network. However, the device has a built-in GPS receiver with a cold start time of less than two minutes. In urban areas of average density, the number of visible satellites reaches eight to ten. Using GPS, the device shows the current time and speed, warning of exceeding its threshold, and informs about the time spent on the way.

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The picture on the glass doubles. And running tests revealed a very strange defect: the indicators on the projector are two times less than on the speedometer!

heads up display car
In an attempt to optimize the image, we managed to achieve the following images. When the windshield is covered with snow, visibility is slightly improved. In general, it is obvious that many factors affect the quality of the picture: time of day, weather, additional glare of the glass.

The overall impression of the projectors we tested is unambiguous: these are toys! They are all functional, but they do not increase the level of comfort and safety while driving. On the front panel of any car, such devices look alien. Leaving your car in the parking lot will have to hide the projector, otherwise you may lose not only it, but also the glass. And the reflective sticker designed to improve the image of the projector, albeit slightly, but still interferes with the view.

In general, good luck to everyone on the road!

And let nothing distract you from safe handling.

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