grand wagoneer

Large SUV Jeep Grand Wagoneer has an unusual design, three rows of seats, seven displays and a hybrid power plant

At the moment, the American company has shown only the concept of the future car. However, the production version will not differ much from the prototype of the same name. The model will go into production next year. The three-row SUV features a signature seven-slot backlit grille, slim LED headlights, an aggressive front bumper with towing eyes and a glass roof that has a map of Detroit.

Almost all the technical characteristics of the car are still classified. The company only said that the production car will receive a hybrid power plant, three all-wheel drive systems to choose from and a Quadra-Lift air suspension. What other units will be included in the range of car motors is still unknown.

Grand Wagoneer

This is the first ever three-row Grand Wagoneer, which is clearly visible in the profile pictures with large windows. Trapezoidal arches hide 24-inch rims, at the bottom of both front doors there are three-dimensional inscriptions – the name of the model, made of aluminum and copper and patriotically complemented by the American flag.

The LED taillights are wide, but still not solid: this new fashion is avoided by the SUV. The tailgate is equipped with an electric drive, there is a small, but not fake, but functional diffuser underneath.

Grand Wagoneer

The solid glass roof is fitted with roof rails to provide ample natural light for passengers in all rows.

However, while the original Grand Wagoneer used wood outside, the new full-size SUV has much more wood inside. Natural wood is widely used in interior decoration – along with aluminum, glass, artificial suede and other environmentally friendly synthetic materials.

Grand Wagoneer

There are four digital screens on the first row:

  • 12.3-inch dashboard;
  • two touchscreens for controlling different systems in the center – the main 12.1-inch upper and the 10.25-inch lower one responsible for comfort functions;
  • 10.25-inch front passenger touchscreen.

The company’s marketers have carefully calculated for us that this adds up to nearly 45 inches. We checked – indeed, 44.9 inches.

Grand Wagoneer

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