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Review from car owner: Valery Raevsky

The 1975 MG Midget 1500 roadster was purchased (and then, accordingly, it took a long time to recover) not to drive on the night streets. Still, this is an open two-seater sports car, old, created in the 60s of the twentieth century, is no longer as dynamic as in the days of youth, and archaic in design.

In the days of his youth, he could accelerate to 105 miles per hour, and if you consider that a car equipped with a 1.5-liter engine weighs only 780 kg, then the acceleration dynamics (in first or second gears) was just a hurricane.

Now my MG Midget is already 42 years old and I demand only one thing from him – just start it up and just as easily, without any fuss, go. Drive to some vintage car event. Knowing that the “old man” is still quite agile and agile in turns, I prefer retro slalom and retro rallies. There have been many events in ten years.

It happened that in Latvia, pushing a car with a bunch of children, my MG started, then on the track the clutch cylinder began to break, and I had to reach the finish line without changing the speed. By the way, a very flexible gearbox, it endured everything.

The MG Midget 1500 is designed for fun, for an honest, not burdened with electronics drive. Engine power for a car of this class, I think, is not particularly important.

The main thing is excellent handling. A very low seating position (the seats are screwed to the bottom) gives an unreal sense of speed: 60 km per hour is perceived as 90. Spectators are always surprised by the fact that in a small car even a tall driver can stretch his legs to the pedals. And such a convertible does not need a large engine in displacement, it already has enough pleasure from the drive, from the gentle wind, from summer smells.

Motorcyclists will understand that I mean an unreal feeling of lightness. I don’t like many things in MG individually, but I like everything in general; I would have changed a lot, but he is cool with his sensations of the correctness of the movement, the way he convened. And it was created as a sports car for ordinary English people, so as not to roll his lip on all sorts of astons and bristols. Just like in the old slogan about sports to the masses …

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MG Midget MG Midget MG Midget [LogBook] MG Midget

A few questions and answers:

Who makes MG Midget?

MG Midget is a series of legendary compact roadsters from MG. Midget was released between 1961 and 1979. The model has three generations, the last of which debuted in 1974. MG Midget has a laconic, “purebred” English exterior design. The retractable soft top and the vehicle concept as a whole embodied the spirit of freedom of movement. The latest generation model was popular not only at home, but also in the United States. The moderately stiff MG Midget suspension perfectly copes with uneven road surfaces. Roadster keeps the trajectory very well.

Under the hood of the model is an in-line, 4-cylinder power unit with a volume of 1.5 liters. Early generations of MG Midget had weaker motors. Transmission – 4-speed manual. The relatively low curb weight of the roadster (735 kg) had a positive effect on the dynamic characteristics. A total of 74,000 copies of the MG Midget were collected.

What is the difference between MGB and MG Midget?

MG Midget [LogBook]

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