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Test drive, review of Nissan Silvia S14, S15 (200 SX)

Thanks to Sergei Gubanov for the material provided. Good luck with your drift racing.

Back to our review of the legendary Nissan Silvia S15 200sx. A car for the soul …

People buy iconic Japanese cars such as Toyota Supra, Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX7 and especially Nissan 200SX / Silvia (we intend to wash the bones with it), guided by many reasons, including relative accessibility, clean and expressive design , excellent speed capabilities, a sea of inexpensive tuning, great potential for further refinement …

Drift on silvia s15
Drift car of Sergey Gubanov

But especially the owners are attracted by the low costs of maintaining these models. For example, high-speed German cars are very expensive to operate: they are by no means cheap parts.

Therefore, such cars are the choice of wealthy buyers who are ready to invest decent money not only in improving performance, but also simply in servicing their pets. Japanese cars save more tuning costs.

Nissan 200SX / Silvia with factory index S14 (1993–1998) is a simple car, but very beautiful, and its beauty is special, full of strength and confidence. A kind of quintessence of Japanese sports cars from the category of “old school”, no less.

The model with the S15 index (unfortunately, the rarest phenomenon on our roads) also delights, but rather with Italian grace, sensual and lively aesthetics, rather than crude engineering.

drifting nissan silvia
Drifting Nissan Silvia

Be that as it may, any Silvia is a real coupe with a separate trunk, unlike many other Japanese “races”, which are hatchbacks posing as coupes. Potential buyers of used cars (and there are no others) should surely be pleased that these cars practically do not have problems with the electrical system and bodywork.

Of course, provided that they are unbeaten, and Silvia, who has not been in an accident, is more the exception than the rule.

The interior of the Silvia is typical for a sports car of this format: it is cramped (which, in principle, is not shameful: we are not talking about a family car), decorated with inexpensive, but rather high-quality plastic, outwardly quite ascetic. No, the Japanese weren’t greedy, they just created the right atmosphere. In such a sports car there is no place for glamor, each button is in its place, the seat fixes the driver well in the corners so that he breathes in the same rhythm with the car. The entire interior is imbued with a sporty spirit. Well, you can put up with unimportant sound insulation, especially since the car is equipped in full.

Longitudinal dynamics, even with a naturally aspirated engine, in Silvia is quite decent, as the Americans say, it is able to get out of its own way. And it slows down well.

silvia s15
Great photo in the moment of a Drift

Acceleration with a turbo engine is excellent, especially if they managed to conjure up the latter: the unit spins dashingly, easily climbing into the zone of revolutions unattainable for conventional engines.

Controllability, unfortunately, does not inspire: clear, unambiguous, but with some laziness. However, such cars are very much loved in the world of drifting, and there, as you know, they value cars that forgive mistakes, and do not punish for them.

And Silvia, due to its low turning moment around the central axis, is one of those.

nissan silvia s15 drifting

The only engine installed on the Silvia / 200SX is the SR20 in various variations (naturally-aspirated SR20DE with 165 hp and a 220 hp SR20DET turbocharged).

At first glance, the low return of the turbo engine is mainly due to the fact that the machine from the factory is noticeably deteriorated.

Therefore, when buying, the first thing (in addition to a thorough revision, of course) is to take care of replacing the standard exhaust, as well as installing a new intercooler in place of the standard unit in front of the front left wheel. It would seem that there are few stock Silvia on the roads, but, oddly enough, Silvia is more often put up for sale in this form (before parting, the owners undress them in order to sell all additional equipment separately).

Therefore, it is advisable to include a certain amount in the estimate, at least for the minimum security. Some wealthy car enthusiasts, by the way, go even further: they install new turbines and select the necessary components for them, bringing the power to 500 hp. from. and more.

At the same time, even such engines feel good (the SR20DET has an impressive margin of safety, and allows to remove significant power even at high mileage).

nissan silvia drift car

Provided, of course, that the motor was monitored. Maintenance should not be neglected under any circumstances, and since the owners of the “drain” do not miss the opportunity to squeeze the gas to capacity, they are scrupulous about the maintenance of their “horses”, carrying it out with the replacement of oil and all filters every 7-10 thousand km, and more often.

I must say that this option is much more attractive than the Silvia from a pensioner who has never in his life run the engine higher than 2500 rpm, but also changed the oil after running 20-30 thousand km.

In addition to routine maintenance, there are no other worries: the money is mainly spent on tuning.

Even the candles will hardly have to be changed more often than after 60 thousand km (if you fill up with gasoline that is good by the standards of our country), and you don’t need to look into the gas distribution mechanism for a long time – instead of a belt, there is a chain.

Test drive Nissan 200 SX. Sweet flight Gearboxes are quite reliable, and both “automatic” and “mechanics”. The former require quite frequent maintenance (oil change – every 40-60 thousand km), and in general, automatic transmission in a sports car is inappropriate.

Enthusiasts choose “mechanics” (especially the aforementioned drift enthusiasts). Problems with manual transmission are very rare.

Even if a sadist sits at the wheel, he will be “hit” mainly to replace the clutch, which the designers have assigned the role of the weak link, entrusting the protection of the box from the bullying of reckless drivers.

The claims to the suspension are minimal: from time to time you will have to change only the shock absorbers and the anti-roll bars (shock absorbers travel 100 thousand km, which is not a little).

During normal operation, the levers are almost never changed. Another thing is that the mileage of such cars is usually small, and in winter they usually stand in garages waiting for the season …

The fact is that a Japanese coupe is impractical. And the content is not cheap: the self-respecting owner of Silvia prefers to buy either original spare parts (they are extremely expensive, and they are taken mostly on order), or tuning ones (of which, perhaps, you can build a car from scratch, there are so many of them on the market) …

But such a car cannot be called a reasonable purchase. They buy it either for the love of high speed and outrageousness, or as an image vehicle with good speed potential, or as a solid blank for a dizzying tuning project.

nissan silvia drift car
Sergei Gubanov and Nissan Silvia

Advantages and disadvantages of the Nissan Silvia



Huge potential for tuning

Decent level of reliability


High prices for used cars

Inexpensive interior

Low level of comfort

How much does the Nissan 200sx cost?

Close £10,00.00


A complete list of prices can be viewed at

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