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We’ve all seen the Rolls-Royce Phantom live. Not because there are a lot of these machines. And because the observer will definitely remember a huge elongated body slowly passing by him, gleaming dimly in the city lights, striking with its monumental beauty and grace. The few lucky ones even sat in this car – for example, at a presentation or a premiere. But driving a Rolls-Rolls Phantom and feeling in the shoes of its owner is a pleasure available to a few. I spent the day with the world’s most luxurious car.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

How much does a rolls-royce cost

Probably, the most burning question should be answered immediately. This question is: “How much?”
My answer is straightforward: a test Rolls-Royce Phantom short wheelbase costs Β£ 371,790 in UK. The long wheelbase version will cost more.


I open the Phantom door and plunge into the world of ultimate luxury. Doors close, even the front ones – with a button. The opening is so wide that it is not possible to reach the sash. Therefore, a light touch of the key on the back side of the visor bordering the transmission panel, and the door silently starts to move.


On the surface, the interior of the most luxurious sedan in the world has changed to a minimum. Rolls-Royce is conservative and traditional. The same monumental center console with virtually no controls.


The famous climate control unit without specifying the set temperature. The British argue that this is superfluous information, and the passenger should only understand what he wants – warmth or coolness.

Moreover, the climate control in the car is eight-zone!


Each person in the cabin can separately set the temperature for the legs and upper body.


The same panel protruding from the bowels of the center armrest with an island-style multimedia washer from BMW iDrive. The controls are hidden for the same reason that the exact temperature cannot be set on the climate control. Nothing extra should distract you from your thoughts and enjoyment of the trip. Whenever you need to look at something in the center display, the controls are immediately at hand. And when you don’t need them, don’t be an eyesore. The display itself, by the way, can also be removed.

However, the devil, as he should be, is in the details. The instrument panel is now digital. When I first saw her, I was shocked. At the presentation of the sedan, I talked with Felix Kilbertus, the chief designer of the exterior of the Phantom VIII generation, and, of course, asked him a question about the tidy. He replied: β€œThe Rolls-Royce brand is very attentive to new technologies and technical development. We are not retrogrades. “

Phantom VIII

One thing is for sure: if RR adopts any technology, then this technology is perfected. The new Phantom’s dashboard display is truly perfect. For the first time in a car, I see a screen on which it is impossible to see the pixels. Straight Retina with ultra-high ppi. The second plus is that Rolls-Royce refrained from creating multiple themes for the dashboard. She always appears before you in one design – dark green colors, laconic rendering and fantastic attention to detail. So, on the arrow of the speedometer (virtual, as you remember) there is a small slot, and when the arrow moves, you can watch the numbers slip under it.


The next innovation is from the field of art. It comes from the so-called “gallery”, that is, part of the dashboard opposite the front passenger. Rolls-Royce considered it a big omission that in the modern automotive industry this area is not used in any way, but in most cases is a simple piece of plastic, sometimes with a strip of wood. The British offered to personalize this space and called it a gallery. And there can be located, without exaggeration, anything.


Want a painting by your favorite contemporary artist? Banksy, for example. No problems. It remains only to get it at the auction.


Or a reproduction of something from the world classics? It couldn’t be easier.


And if you own the original, and it is not too large, you can mount it in the gallery as well. Decorating with precious metals and stones, frescoes, installations, sculptural compositions …

In the test sedan, the gallery was trimmed with textured aluminum, unassuming relative to all of the above.

On the run Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII

The eighth generation Phantom is built on a new platform based on a space frame. The first crossover of the Cullinan brand is based on it. Subsequently, all Rolls-Royce models will be transferred to this platform, and the brand will completely abandon monocoque bodies.


The engine is, of course, a V12 of the canonical volume of 6.75 liters or, as it is also called, 6ΒΎ. However, there are also innovations here – for the first time in the history of the brand, this motor has become bi-turbocharged. Recoil – 571 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque.


To accelerate to 100 km / h, the short-wheelbase sedan takes 5.1 seconds, and the long-wheelbase sedan 5.2 seconds.

However, these values ​​are hardly important: it is difficult to imagine a person who will participate in drag on the Phantom.

And for a car whose function is to comfortably move people in the second row, the RR sedan is more than dynamic.


The drive is exclusively rear. Four-wheel drive transmission is not provided. Tradition, sir.
When you sit in the Phantom and close the doors, the first sensation that overtakes you is that you are sitting in absolute, deafening, bulletproof silence.

Often in test drives you can read a line about the fact that “the engine is not heard.” Most often this is hyperbole. So, if someone tells you something like that about the Phantom, know that there is no exaggeration in his words.


The internal combustion engine in this sedan is not louder than in Tesla, which does not have it.


This level of noise isolation is surprising, but expected. In the eighth generation, the Phantom, despite the transition to a new modern platform, recovered from its predecessor.

That’s because the current generation of the sedan uses 130 kg of sound-absorbing materials! Even the native Continental tires have sound-absorbing inserts. The bottom line is that conversations not in a whisper in this car are perceived by screams in the library.


The engine becomes audible only in one case – when you press the gas pedal to the floor. And somewhere far, far away, the bass rumbling of the V12 is heard, barely audible, but perceptible, as if it was covered with a thousand pillows.

As for the ride, it is phenomenal. Yes, again, this can be said for many good executive cars, but you have to drive the Phantom to feel the huge chasm that lies between them and the trademark softness of the “flying carpet” from Rolls-Royce.


Reactions are damped to the utmost. So much so that driving it becomes even a little uncomfortable. You press the accelerator, under which almost 600 “horses” are hidden, and … nothing happens. Feels like.


Although the values ​​on the speedometer change each other very quickly. But there is no sharp pick up, much less a jerk.

You just stood still, and after a few seconds, which seemed to have disappeared from your memory, you are already driving, no, soaring at a speed of 100 km / h.

The steering wheel is unusually large in diameter, with a thin, spoke-thick, rim, and completely weightless. Another nod to the times when trees were big and cars were real.

As Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Regional Director James Crichton told me in a long-standing conversation: β€œWe don’t sell cars. We sell a lifestyle. “

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