suzuki jimny 2019

The new Suzuki Jimny 2019 can be safely called one of the most anticipated and hottest new products of this season. This is Suzuki Jimny replacement from 2018.

After all, the previous generation of this compact Japanese SUV was produced without any significant changes for almost 20 years – since 1998, and fans of the model have been waiting for significant changes.

Official website Suzuki Jimny 2019

Appearance of suzuki jimny 2019

Suzuki Jimny 2019
Suzuki Jimny 2019
Jimny is different: yellow, blue …

At one time, I owned several Suzuki Samurai, as well as Jimny of the previous generation, so I know firsthand the philosophy of this iconic line.

Suzuki Jimny 2019
Suzuki Jimny 2019
Suzuki Jimny 2019
In this form, cars arrive from Japan: almost time capsules)))


First and foremost, the Jimny remains a real off-road vehicle: with a frame structure and a dependent spring suspension with continuous axles! This is good news, because almost all manufacturers have already abandoned cars of this format and, in fact, only the expensive American Jeep Wrangler is an alternative to Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny 2019
Suzuki Jimny 2019
Dependent suspension: strong, reliable, durable

The new “mercedes gelandewagen”, which the Jimny 2019 is a bit like, was made more pop and equipped with an independent front suspension, the Land Rover Defender was completely discontinued, and the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser of the 70th series.

Jimny 2019
Jimny 2019
The steering damper is clearly visible

Jimny’s dimensions and proportions have remained virtually unchanged. The wheelbase is 2250 mm, which is completely similar to its predecessor. At the same time, the novelty became shorter by 50 mm (3645 mm), which made it possible to reduce the overhangs of the body and thereby improve the geometric cross-country ability. The approach angle increased from 34 to 37 degrees, and the exit angle, in turn, from 46 to 49 degrees.


The creators of the car have increased the minimum ground clearance of Jimny by 20 mm: now it reaches 210 mm.

The increase in ground clearance is partly due to the transition to slightly higher-profile tires: instead of 205/70 R15 tires, 195/80 R15 tires are now installed.

As for the design, the genes of the good old Suzuki Samurai and even the very ancient Suzuki LJ80 are easily guessed in it.

The robust ladder-type steel frame is now painted with body-colored anti-corrosion paint.

Suzuki says new model also has stronger axles


In the engine compartment, we are greeted by a new 1.5-liter gasoline engine with the K15B index.

Its power is 102 hp, which is 17 more than the old model with a 1.3-liter unit. The torque has also increased: from 110 to 130 Nm. In the combined cycle, the manufacturer promises fuel consumption of 7.5 l / 100 km. The maximum speed of the model with automatic transmission is 140 km / h.

K15B engine made especially for Jimny

Like the old model, it uses the classic Aisin 4-speed automatic, but a 5-speed version will also be available.


Even a short drive through the site with the car was enough to understand the changes in the chassis settings. The suspension of the new Jimny has become much softer (like “jelly”) and finally pleases with the comfort for riders, but at the same time there were tangible rolls in corners. The novelty received an electric power steering (previously there was a hydro) steering and a steering damper.

The valve cover is made of plastic: the global reduction in the cost of cars


Four-wheel drive here is a classic “part-time” with a rigid connection of the front axle (without a central differential). That is, you can use all-wheel drive only on off-road and slippery surfaces.

There is still no standard locking of the rear differential: it is partially replaced by the electronics of the traction control system, which can brake a suspended wheel, thereby transmitting torque to the wheel in contact with the road.

The interior has genes from the old Suzuki Samurai from the 80s
The front seats are much more comfortable and with slightly more developed lateral support

If you remember, in the past Jimny, the front axle and downshift were activated by buttons on the center panel.

Now the Japanese have again returned the mechanical drive of the range multiplier and the control of the transfer case with the usual lever, as on the old Samurai and the earliest Jimny of the previous generation: so more reliable!

Back to basics: the hand-out lever

The interior is completely new: stylish, fashionable and with much better ergonomics. Finally, Jimny received climate control, separate heated seats, a full-fledged on-board computer, a multimedia system with navigation and other benefits of “civilization”. And although the size of the car has not changed much, it has become more spacious inside.

Stylish trendy youth

In addition to the front airbags, there are now side airbags and curtains. Also, the car received a number of electronic security systems: lane keeping, tracking blind spots, emergency braking, control over dangerous swing.

The back is still cramped, but still more spacious and comfortable than on the previous model
With the rear row seats folded down, you get a flat floor and 377 liters of luggage volume (53 liters more than the previous Jimny)

Video review of suzuki jimny 2019

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