7 Things I Hate About My Tesla: Car Owner's Story

The owner of the Tesla Model S electric car Andy Blau shared his opinion about the car with The Drive: he highlighted seven main things that annoy him. At the same time, the author notes that in general he is very pleased with the purchase.

According to the author of the material, he purchased his Tesla Model S a year and a half ago – in early 2014. Since then, he has driven more than 29 thousand kilometers on it – and decided to make a list of 7 things that annoy him in an electric car. “Don’t get me wrong,” he writes. – This is a very cool car, it is reliable and fast. But there are things that I don’t like. “

  1. Tesla has no spare wheels

Tesla does not sell spare wheels because, according to the company, the car owner could damage the battery of an electric car by trying to replace the wheel himself. If a Tesla owner has damaged a wheel, he will have to call the service department to have their employees replace the wheel.

“At the end of March, I was driving on one of the poorest roads in America and hit a pothole, damaging two wheels at once. After 12 hours, I received new wheels – it cost me $ 800. It’s not cool, Musk. “

  1. This car hates cold weather

The problems of driving a Tesla car in winter were described in detail in his column by the managing partner of the venture capital fund LETA Capital, Alexander Chachava. The author of the material on The Drive adds that at low temperatures, his car’s indicators go astray and they do not always display accurate information about the state of the electric car.

7 Things I Hate About My Tesla: Car Owner's Story
  1. Two coasters for a glass

“Seriously, just two coasters? The average American driver has a lot more needs – room for coffee, water, Diet Coke, Oreo, baby bottle, and three more Diet Coke. At least eight coasters, ”writes the owner of Tesla.

  1. After a while, the car starts to “make noise”

When the author of the material bought the car, it was completely silent. However, now, writes Andy Blau, the car is making sounds “similar to the Chrysler he drove in the 90s.” A technician who inspected the car said there was only one part problem, “but he didn’t have time to replace it.”

  1. Tesla makes your life harder

“First of all, you shouldn’t buy a Tesla if you don’t have a car that can replace it in unforeseen situations. In addition, now you have to think every time about whether to take Tesla on a trip or better be content with a regular car, ”writes Blau.

As the author of the material notes, when he plans to make a 160-kilometer trip, he has to think about where he can recharge the car on the road.

I am not comforted by Tesla’s announcement that I can now travel from New York to Los Angeles. I want to know that I can get where I need to without asking someone along the way to help me recharge the car. Or I can just take my wife’s car.

  1. Driving in winter gets especially stressful

“Driving on snow and ice can be annoying even for a 4WD driver, but in Tesla, cold weather gets especially stressful. I need to control a lot of things. I do not drive up steep hills and resort to many precautions that would not have been necessary if I were on a Subaru, ”writes the author of the material.

  1. Hardware does not keep up with software

Tesla’s software updates automatically, Blau says. At the same time, the statement that the capabilities of an electric car depend on software is only partially true, he notes.

Over the past year and a half, the car of the author of the material has received many updates, but he will not be able to use the new functionality – this is due to outdated hardware. Autopilot, blind spot detector and other features are not available to Andy Blau.

My advice? Don’t buy Tesla. Take this car on lease.

Andy Blau notes that he thinks Tesla is a wonderful car. “It has excellent handling and I smile every time I pass a gas station when I look at the price of the fuel,” he says. “I don’t regret my purchase at all. I will not be able to part with her. “

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