Thai Hummer

Thailand is one of the world’s largest automotive granaries, producing over 2 million cars annually.
Everything is produced here – from Germans Mercedes / BMW to Japanese Toyota / Isuzu / MMC / Honda

But Thailand has only one own brand – Thai Rung
It’s not that a full-cycle manufacturer, but rather something like the Japanese Mitsuoka. They take third-party chassis and motors and hang their body and interior on them.

One of the previous modifications of Thai Rung

The companies are more than half a century old and during this time they managed to work with Land Rover, Isuzu, Chevrolet. And all their latest models are built on the chassis of a Toyota Hilux pickup truck.

Surely many of those who were vacationing in Thailand came across these cars – they look very much like a Hummer

Thai Rung has a long contract with the military, police, firefighters and other local services, and most often these cars can be seen not in private property, but in the livery of these departments

Their latest model, the Transformer II, is a large SUV with the ability to transform the cabin from 5 to 11 seats.
Its cost is in the region of $ 50,000 (that is, comparable to the average trim levels of Toyota Fortuner / Ford Everest / Nissan Terra, also created on the basis of pickups)

And just like our classmates, the range includes exclusively diesel engines – 2.4 and 2.8 liters. The latter can be equipped, if desired, even with all-wheel drive.
Which is not surprising, given that the basis is taken from the Toyota Hilux

The basic equipment is not bad, it includes stabilization systems, ascent and descent from a hill, traction control, trailer stabilization systems, two air conditioners and airbags.

As already mentioned, most of the cars go to the disposal of local departments.

They are often taken into private hands by local “rednecks” from agricultural regions, for which it is important to stand out against the background of fellows driving standard Toyota / Ford / Isuzu

At the same time, the front part of the cabin was left completely from the base Toyota Hilux, even the Toyota logo on the steering wheel remained

So are the additional seats – either the third row, or, if 11 seats are needed, two benches along the body

Despite contracts with the military, they often shoot ads for private owners.

And if the car falls into the tenacious paws of local tuners, then everything that is possible is hung on it – 24 “discs with appropriate rubber (up to 380mm wide), a suspension lift up to 10 inches and so on and so forth …

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