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Used car reliability rating TUV Report 2019

The German “Association for Technical Supervision” (VdTUV) in the first ten days of November 2018 published the next, twenty-second in a row, rating of the reliability of supported cars officially sold on the German market – “TUV Report 2019“. Moreover, experts from TUV, as always, showed a thorough approach – they studied the results of technical inspections of nine million specific models of “iron horses”, checking more than 100 parameters. True, the final report contains data on only 18 of the most important ones, namely: steering, suspension, brakes, lighting, exhaust system and powertrain (including gearbox).

The TUV 2019 rating displays the percentage of detected faults out of the total number of vehicles tested from July 2017 to June 2018 – during this period, 22% of “iron horses” had serious technical problems. Traditionally, the Germans divided their report into several classes, depending on the age of the “iron horse”, and in all of them the sports car Porsche 911 won an indisputable victory. In the age category “from 2 to 3 years” the palm (as mentioned earlier) went to two-door Porsche 911.

This particular model turned out to be the most reliable, since its owners only in 2.5% of cases had to visit specialized workshops to fix one or another breakdown (and such figures were demonstrated with an average mileage of 26 thousand km).

Only 0.1% yielded to the leader Mercedes-Benz B-class and GLK, which shared the second and third positions (albeit with different mileage – 39 thousand and 50 thousand km, respectively). The following cars became outsiders – Dacia Logan (14.6%), Fiat Punto (12.1%), Kia Sportage and Ford Ka (both – 11.7% each). Among the β€œiron horses” at the age of β€œ4 to 5 years”, the Porsche 911 was again recognized as the gold medalist with 3.6%, followed by Mercedes-Benz B-class and Audi Q5 – 4.9% and 5.0 % respectively. Peugeot 206 (28%), as well as Dacia Logan and Chevrolet Spark were among the worst – they showed the same figures (21.8%), but if the first model had such a percentage with an average mileage of 83 thousand km, then the second – at 48 thousand km. The leading position in the age group “from 6 to 7 years” went to the same model – Porsche 911, because in only 6% of cases its owners went to the service station for troubleshooting, and with an average mileage of 51 thousand km. The Mercedes-Benz SLK (7%) performed a little worse, followed by another German car – Audi TT (7.7%). More often than others, Dacia Logan, Renault Kangoo and Peugeot 206 broke down – 30.9%, 29.8% and 28.7%, respectively. In the category “from 8 to 9 years”, the least problems were again delivered to their owners by sports cars Porsche 911 – only in 8.3% of cases such cars had to be driven to a car service for repair.

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The second position was taken by BMW X1, which yielded to the leader by 3.6%, and the two-door Audi TT closed the “podium” with 12.2%. Renault Kangoo and Chevrolet Matiz were in the rearguard this time, showing 37.1% of defects (but only with different mileage – 116 thousand and 74 thousand, respectively), slightly better than which “performed” Dacia Logan (34.1%). Among the cars of the age group “from 10 to 11 years”, the Porsche 911 turned out to be the most problem-free again – tangible breakdowns in these cars were detected only in 11.7% of cases (with an average mileage of 77 thousand km). Owners of Mazda 2 and Audi TT had to turn to auto repair shops a little more often – 15.7% and 16.8% respectively. The β€œweakest” here were Dacia Logan (40.6%), Renault Megane (38.3%) and Chevrolet Matiz (38%).

2019 TUV reliability rating for vehicles aged 2-3 years.

β„–Car model% of breakdownsthousand kmscale
Top list of used cars
Top list of used cars
Top list of used cars
Top list of used cars

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