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Honda says it will be the first to master self-driving cars of the third level in serial production  

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Such cars will be able to independently perform overtaking

Currently, vehicles equipped with self-driving systems, such as Tesla with Autopilot, are SAE Level 2. SAE J3016 refers to partial automation where autonomous driving functions can provide situational assistance by providing both active steering and braking or accelerating support in specific dynamic driving tasks. The driver must be in control of the situation and be responsible for all other dynamic functions.
Honda says it will be the first to master self-driving cars of the third level in serial production
IDC believes that fully self-driving cars are still far away, but by 2024, half of the cars produced will have some kind of automation tools.


Honda said it will be the first to offer production vehicles with SAE Level 3 systems, that is, those that can perform all the tasks of dynamic driving instead of a driver in certain environmental and road conditions. Note that the driver must still be constantly ready to intervene and take control if the system deems it necessary and issues an appropriate request.

The first level 3 Honda vehicle will be a version of the Legend sedan equipped with Traffic Jam Pilot. It should go on sale before the end of Honda's current fiscal year, that is, no later than March 31, 2021. The automaker's optimism is based on the fact that the Traffic Jam Pilot has received safety certification in Japan.

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