A remake of Mafia will not be on time. Game moved to September

The release of the remake Mafia, which is due out on August 28, may shift to September 25. Fans of the series found a new date on the official website of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Nevertheless, on the pre-order pages in various online stores, the date has remained the same. The game was announced at the end of May 2020, and its gameplay was to be shown as part of the Summer of Gaming festival. However, this did not happen.

Developers from Hangar 13 and 2K publishers officially confirmed the transfer of the game, and also noted that the gameplay will be shown on July 22.

Recall that in the updated version, gamers were promised new story inserts, as well as a greater variety of missions. Also, the changes affected the game mechanics. So, the shooting mechanics were borrowed from the Mafia 3, and the cars will have 2 types of control.

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