Ghost of Tsushima

The PlayStation blog has an article by Joanna Wang, lead artist of the Ghost of Tsushima environment, which talks about the design of the gaming world. The authors did not recreate the completely real island of Tsushima, but presented its “main elements” in the project and added the features of mainland Japan.

Sucker Punch Productions calls Ghost of Tsushima the biggest game in its history. The map is divided into three regions with 40 different biomes and hundreds of attractions.

The creators once again emphasize the principle that guided them: if you see something, you can go there. The inspiration for the project was drawn from films, games, paintings and tourist posters. Players will fall into dense forests, swamps and frozen mountainous landscapes.

The world of the island is very rich and diverse, but at the same time volatile.

“Perhaps you are standing on top of a cliff and you see a strong storm on the horizon. “You could cross the bridge when the clouds cover the sun and the rain begins to drip.”

“Getting to know the Tsushima world is the main part of our game, and we treat the environment as a living character. He who breathes, moves, is individual, charming and diverse. ”

Ghost of Tsushima is released July 17 on the PS4.

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