The network appeared the first mention of the protagonist GTA 6

Many people know that three people gave their appearance to the main characters of GTA 5: Sean Fonteno, also known as “Solo” (played by Franklin Clinton), Ned Luke (played by Michael De Santo) and Stephen Ogg (played by Trevor Philips). All of them gave the game a peculiar charm, because of which their actions, actions and characters looked as realistic as possible. So far, nothing was known about the actors who will be filming in GTA 6, but today the first rumors appeared on the Internet.

The network appeared the first mention of the protagonist GTA 6

Based on the source’s data, the famous protagonist of the sixth part of the legendary GTA series will be the famous actor Giancarlo Esposito – a two-time nominee for the Emmy Award. In several of his successful films, he played the role of drug lord Gustavo Fring, which attracted the attention of GTA fans.

In an interview with, Giancarlo said that he is currently filming a very large and secret game. In it, users will see a lot of new things and, finally, get what they have been waiting for for many years. Knowing that there was always a place for drug trafficking in GTA, many users concluded that the actor would soon play the role of protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6. So far, Rockstar has not officially announced the game, but the large size of the game world in the new project and its extreme secrecy inspires hope that the development of the sequel is in full swing.


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