Microsoft’s position is shared by other developers

One of the key differences between Microsoft’s and Sony’s strategies for next-gen consoles is that Microsoft won’t release exclusive games for its Xbox Series X console from the outset.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently reiterated Microsoft’s position on this issue. He stated that even first-party games, that is, projects created by in-house studios, will not be exclusive to the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will not have any exclusives

You will not be forced to move onto the next generation. We want every Xbox gamer to be able to play all the new games from Xbox Game Studios. That’s why all of the Xbox Game Studios games we release over the next few years, like Halo Infinite, will be available on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. We’re not forcing you to switch to Xbox Series X to try out new games.

Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s position is shared by other developers, that is, the games already presented for the Xbox Series X will work on the Xbox One.

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