How To Get Smoke Smell Out
How To Get Smoke Smell Out

Over time, after buying a new car, the smell of novelty in the cabin leaves and is replaced by the smell that is formed from everyday use of the car. Unfortunately, odors in the interior are not easy to remove.

Fortunately, the modern chemical industry offers many different products that are available for purchase at auto dealerships and supermarkets to remove unwanted odors from the interior.

But not all odors can be removed easily, even with various cleaning products. For example, the biggest challenge is removing the smell of cigarette smoke from a car. If you smoke in the car, the smoke smell can persist in the cabin for a long time.

Methods for removing the smell of smoke from tobacco from the passenger compartment.

We offer you an interesting, affordable way that will help you to guarantee the removal of foreign odors in the car at no extra cost. For many drivers who cannot get rid of the bad habit of smoking cigarettes, this smoke odor removal method will be an excellent solution to remove unwanted odors from the car.

This method will not only help you protect non-smoking passengers from the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke, but will also allow you to prepare the car for sale in the used market. After all, it is no secret that when selling a car, many buyers refuse to buy used cars in which they smoked.

How To Get Smoke Smell Out

Adsorption is a key concept for odor removal. What is it? According to science, this is a chemical process in which one substance, attracting to its surface, absorbs particles of another substance. What is smell? It is a lot of chemical particles in the air that we perceive with our charm. Therefore, according to science, in order to remove an unpleasant odor in the air, it is necessary to adsorb chemical particles of an unpleasant odor with the help of a chemical.

There are many different adsorbents available these days. They all have their pros and cons. In this article, we invite you to find out the two most common absorbents that are most commonly used to remove odors.

1. Baking soda

How To Get Smoke Smell Out

It is the most widely used absorbent in the world. In addition to its distribution in cooking (for baking), baking soda perfectly removes any odors. There are two uses for baking soda to remove odor and any surface contamination. This is the use of soda in dry or liquid form.

Of course, it is preferable to use dry soda, since in this form it is easier to remove soda from the surface after cleaning. But remember that liquid baking soda will help clean heavily soiled surfaces. For example, with a rag and diluted soda in water, you can clean any surface. The remains of soda can subsequently be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

How To Get Smoke Smell Out

However, there are some downsides to using baking soda. The fact is that soda can enter into a chemical oxidation reaction with some surfaces. For example, baking soda can damage the surface when mixed with some types of natural leather. Fortunately, this is rare, since these types of leather are used more often in light industry (for example, when sewing shoes or outerwear). Another disadvantage of baking soda is its color. After cleaning with soda, white soda particles may remain in the cabin, which will not be easy to remove from hard-to-reach places. Also, soda is an alkaline chemical element that, if it gets on metal contacts, can cause their accelerated corrosion.

2. Charcoal

How To Get Smoke Smell Out

Charcoal is the second most popular chemical after baking soda that easily removes odors. Coal is a colloidal substance. Colloids have a unique adsorbent property. Thanks to these properties, charcoal is surprisingly effective at removing extraneous unpleasant odors. This substance is excellent for cleaning black surfaces.

If you want to remove the stubborn smell of cigarette smoke from the passenger compartment, place the charcoal in a disposable filter for the coffee machine, and place the bag in the interior of the car for at least 7 days. You can also place charcoal in the corners of the cabin on the floor of your car. In order not to stain the upholstery of the car, lay a bag on the floor.

Due to the fact that coal will attract particles from the source of the unpleasant odor, within a few days, the coal will absorb all the chemicals in cigarette smoke.

The main disadvantage of charcoal is its absorption rate. Many of us often need to remove odors very quickly. Unfortunately, coal will not be able to remove all unpleasant odors from the passenger compartment in a short time. In addition, charcoal can remove chemical particles that are only found in the air in the passenger compartment. Coal will not be able to remove the foreign smell on the surface of the interior. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in a short time, then using charcoal in tandem with other chemicals is preferable.

These two adsorption products will not only get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in a used car, but also save you the money we often spend on ineffective car air fresheners.

3. Vanilla

A good adsorber is fresh vanilla, which, at the same time, has a pleasant smell. Its disadvantage is its high price, but if this is not a problem, then you can place it in the car as a kind of air freshener. To do this, you need to purchase fresh vanilla pods and roll up small cotton balls. Break the vanilla pods and sprinkle the contents onto a cotton ball. Place 2-3 cotton balls in the interior for a pleasant vanilla scent. When their smell dries up (after 2-3 weeks), the balls should be discarded and replaced.

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