PlayStation 5

Can the PlayStation 5 Pro get dual GPUs? Sony already has a corresponding patent

This is one of the options to increase productivity

New generation consoles have just entered the market, and it is too early to talk about their successors. However, some hints are already appearing on the web.

Sony has received a patent that describes the use of multiple GPUs in a gaming console. Of course, it’s hardly worth talking about more than two GPUs so far, but the option with two GPUs may well be viable. For example, one GPU will be integrated into the main APU, while the other will be implemented as a discrete solution.

Of course, this is just a patent, and it is not at all necessary that the conditional PlayStation 5 Pro will have exactly two GPUs, but in general this is one of the options for the development of the line. After all, the actively advertised 120fps in 4K by Sony and Microsoft is often unattainable for either PS5 or Xbox Series X, so companies have reasons to release more powerful consoles in three to four years.

PlayStation 5

On the other hand, the Dual GPU implementation requires the developers to optimize accordingly, and it may not be advisable to switch from a long-term scheme with one GPU to a new one. Especially when both AMD and Nvidia practically abandoned such bundles in their discrete video cards.

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