Ghost of Tsushima

The studio is confident that this is their best product.

Ghost of Tsushima was released on July 17th and received decent reviews from publications and very high ratings from players. The uniqueness of the game, among other things, was influenced by unusual solutions, for example, an increase in the duration of the loading screen.

Creative Director Jason Connell shared another approach. He admitted that the Sucker Punch developers enjoy reading positive comments, but criticism is more important. It will provide lessons for the future:

“I follow what people say about the game and what they like. There are several threads on Twitter with screenshots.The new intellectual property was developed in the same way as before. But we worked during the pandemic, and I’m really happy with what people liked about the project, as I like the same thing about it. It’s very personal and very enjoyable. I am sure the whole team feels the same and was very happy about it.Our game is also criticized. You know, I love criticism because it will make us better. We’re going to listen to it, analyze it and digest it – and we talked about it. I think this is correct. We released a game, and the world has a right to judge it. Nevertheless, we are proud and agree that Ghost of Tsushima is the best game we have ever made. “

[Source: Games Radar]

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