how much does a playstation 5 cost

French online store revealed the date of the start of sales and the cost of two versions of PS5

Users know about the PlayStation 5 so far only what Sony itself wished to communicate, but the sellers of the data clearly have more.

And same question we have: how much does a playstation 5 cost ?

Therefore, it is possible that the data published by one of the French online stores on the Amazon online platform will subsequently be officially confirmed. In the meantime, we suggest just considering them.

how much does a playstation 5 cost

The leak suggests the PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 20. Probably, the date of the start of sales has already been approved by Sony. The console will be offered in two versions: with and without optical drive.

The price in the first case is 500 euros, in the second – 400 euros. Against the backdrop of rumors that the console cost 700 euros or even more, this data is like a balm for the soul of fans. However, even though the information looks quite plausible, its reliability has yet to be confirmed. Also, you can read how much will be cost games on Playstation 5

Last week, analyst Roberto Serrano stressed that Sony will announce the price of the PlayStation 5 very soon. Amazon Australia not only has a PS5 version with an optical drive but also pages for a Dualsense gamepad, a charging station for two controllers, a multimedia remote control, a camera, and a Pulse 3D headset.

The rumored version of the PlayStation 5 with optical drive could be offered for $ 499, while the version without one would be $ 100 cheaper.

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It is also known that users will be able to try out games in the PS Store without first downloading them, as it works in cloud services.

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