PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 shortage is huge. Sales data is shocking

Within a few days Sony sold a quarter of the volume of shipments planned by the end of the year

PlayStation 5

Finally, data on the sales of the PlayStation 5 game console appeared on the Web, which makes it possible to understand how large the shortage of the console is. And now we can definitely say that the shortage is simply huge, because only in the first week of sales, 1,483,910 PlayStation 5 units were sold out! It should be recalled that at this time, the PlayStation 5 was sold in only six countries: the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.

The PlayStation 5 shortage is huge. Sales data is shocking
It should be noted that, according to rumors, by the end of the year, Sony planned to produce only 6 million consoles – and a fourth of this volume sold out in just a few days. Later, however, there was evidence that the production plan was increased to 10 million PS5 by the end of the year, but the geography of sales from November 19 has expanded significantly. In addition, in the same USA, the entire demand for the PlayStation 5 has not yet been satisfied, and indeed in many countries there is now a shortage of the console.

How big is the demand for the PlayStation 5 is easy to understand from the sales of the Xbox Series X and Series S. During the first week, 1,345,386 of the latest Microsoft consoles of both versions were sold. This is truly the “biggest launch” for the Xbox, with the last Xbox One record hitting 1.1 million in its first week. Keep in mind, however, that Xbox Series X and Series S went on sale in 40 countries, and they sold fewer consoles in total than PS5 – in six countries.

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Interestingly, not in all countries of the first wave of the PS5 was as popular as its predecessor. For example, in the US, Australia and New Zealand, the novelty did outperform the PS4 in sales, but in South Korea, Singapore and, surprisingly, at home in Japan, the PS5 lost to the PS4 in sales in the early days.

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