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The DEEPCOOL range of pc cases was completed with the GAMERSTORM MACUBE 310 model. It is made in the Middle Tower format and is characterized by a strict design. Two color options are available to the user: black (MACUBE 310) and white (MACUBE 310 WH). In addition, versions with a solid or mesh top panel are available. The presence of the latter is indicated by the prefix “P” (Performance) in the name.

pc case

The pc case is capable of accepting motherboards up to and including ATX in size, tower coolers up to 165 mm in height and video cards up to 330 mm in length. At the same time, the novelty has its own zest, which we will discuss below.

FormatMiddle Tower
Supported motherboard form factorsATX / microATX / Mini-ITX
Bays2 х 3,5”
2 х 2,5”
Expansion card slots7 (horizontal)
2 (vertical)
Maximum video card length (in brackets – own measurements)330 мм (420 мм)
Maximum CPU cooler height (in brackets – own measurements)165 мм (164 мм)
Compatible power supply formatATX PS2
Maximum length of the power supply (in brackets – own measurements)160 мм (180 мм)
Space for cable management23 мм
Connectors2 x USB 3.0
2 x audio ports
Pre-installed fans:
On the back panel1 х 120 mm (1300 rpm)
The ability to install
On the top panel3 х 120-мм / 2 х 140-мм
On the back panel1 x 120mm
On the front3 х 120-мм / 2 х 140-мм
Front and top panelSteel
ChassisSteel 0.75 mm thick
Right and sidewallsSteel 0.95 mm
Left sideGlass 4 mm thick
PC Case dimensions (in brackets – own measurements)494 x 215 x 424,6 мм
(500 х 225 х 440 мм)
Weight (own measurements)8.33 kg (8.5 kg)
Products webpageDEEPCOOL

DEEPCOOL MACUBE 310 is supplied in a regular cardboard box with monochrome printing. Only the brand and product name are indicated on the front and back. On the sides you will find carrying handles and a short specification.

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We found a variety of mounting screws, steel sidewall locks / latches, rubber stickers / gaskets, disposable ties, and custom documentation included in the kit.

pc case

DEEPCOOL GAMERSTORM MACUBE 310 is designed in the spirit of minimalism. Before us is a strict rectangular parallelepiped without prominent details and any design delights. It looks very simple and elegant!

External ports are located on the edge of the top panel. There are two USB 3.0 and a pair of 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone and headphone. On the sides are the power and reset buttons, which have received the same shape and size. They can be easily confused if the signatures are not read.

pc case

The one-piece metal front panel stands out for its simplicity, elegance and brand logo at the bottom. The ventilation holes are on the sides.

The facade can be easily removed to remove dust. Hidden underneath are the seats for three 120mm / two 140mm fans.

At the bottom of the case, everything is familiar: the PSU air intake is covered with a mesh filter, and there are also two pairs of plastic legs. The filter can be easily removed and washed. 15mm feet with non-slip rubber pads provide adequate airflow to the power source.

At the top of the DEEPCOOL MACUBE 310 there is an exhaust ventilation grill. You can hang three 120mm or two 140mm propellers underneath. Like the “front”, the entire panel can be removed without problems.

pc case

The back of the case received seven horizontal and two vertical expansion slots. Nearby is a cutout for the motherboard interface panel and a 120mm exhaust fan with height adjustment. The power supply seat is at the bottom.

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The reasonably thick 4mm tinted side glass occupies the entire left side of the case. It is attached with magnets at the top and with a guide at the bottom. Removing the panel is very simple: tilt it to one side and lift it up. For this, a handle is provided at the top of the glass. This solution eliminates the need for screws and latches, which is convenient and we have never seen before. True, you need to be careful when carrying, so that nothing opens accidentally. And children can easily climb. Fortunately, the manufacturer has provided locks in the kit.

pc case

The flat and solid opposite side of PC Case DEEPCOOL GAMERSTORM MACUBE 310 is made of metal. Its fastening is similar to the left panel, and there is a convenient handle for opening. Both walls have ventilation holes at the top.

As for the practicality of the materials used, although fingerprints remain on the white matte paint, they are visible only at a certain angle and can be removed without any problems with improvised means. Glass is more easily soiled and requires careful maintenance.

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