Road Accident Index

More than 1.2 million individuals overall pass on every year in street auto collisions (RTA – road traffic accidents) and another 20-50 million are harmed. The World’s Road Safety Report gives the principal by and large evaluation of the street security circumstance in 178 nations, utilizing information from a normalized review led in 2008. The outcomes show that over 90% of worldwide street traffic passings happen in nations with low and center salaries, which represent not exactly 50% all things considered. Almost 50% of the world’s street traffic passings happen among people on foot, cyclists and motorcyclists. Sadly, just 15% of nations have far reaching street security enactment.

We tried to collect data from such organizations and their reports:,, wikipedia,, Our research will show you and compare the situation around the world for 2020. This study will be updated every year.

The WHO report compares the index of income of citizens in different countries in relation to road traffic accidents. The WHO report uses an index that is calculated using a rather complex formula, but since we are doing our research for the average reader, we will take average salaries by country and refer to road accidents in different countries and try to understand whether low income affects the number of road accidents.

In addition, the concept of “average salary” is an indicator for the calculation of which the accrued income before the payment of state taxes, social charges and payments is taken.



So far, there are 31 countries on our list with major capitals. In the future, we will expand this list as we receive data. We entered the data into the table using the formula Yi = [Xi – min (X)] / [max (X) – min (X)] to normalize the data and the obtained data were adjusted to a point system of 1 to 100. How we collected the data and what sources we used:


ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INDEX 2020 Number of cars per 1000 people. Very complex statistics, since there are practically no exact figures, they are always different from year to year. We used data from the site: Nation Master.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INDEX 2020 Traffic jams in different countries. Here we took the average as a percentage for the week and month, the data was taken from TomTom.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INDEX 2020 The quality of roads in different countries. The data was taken from the site: Data are shown from 1 to 7, where 7 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INDEX 2020 Salaries in different countries for 2020. We used the data of the site on the average salary in the country as a source and then summed it up for the year.

Fatalities on the roads in different countries. We used data as a source.


Few countries have the potential to fully comply with comprehensive road safety laws.

Adopting and enforcing road traffic laws in many countries appears to be lacking. Developing and effectively enforcing legislation is critical to reduce drunk driving and speeding, and to increase the use of helmets, seat belts and child restraints.

This sample survey has recommended, in fact, that only 15% of countries have comprehensive laws that take into account all 5 of these moments of risk.

It asks for political will and the provision of the necessary human and financial resources to law enforcement agencies. Efforts to achieve compliance must be widely publicized, sustained and implemented with appropriate measures and sanctions for non-compliance.

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