Microsoft invests in Cruise

Microsoft invests in Cruise

General Motors and its self-driving car startup Cruise announced they have entered into a long-term strategic relationship with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of these developments. The companies will combine their advances in software and hardware, cloud computing capabilities, manufacturing know-how and partner ecosystems to “transform transportation, create a safer, cleaner and more accessible world for all.”

Cruise and GM team up with Microsoft to commercialize self-driving cars

To unleash the power of cloud computing for self-driving vehicles, Cruise will leverage Azure, Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing platform. This is expected to allow Cruise’s autonomous vehicle development to be commercialized on a large scale. In turn, Microsoft will leverage Cruise’s expertise to improve its products for shipping companies.

Cruise and GM team up with Microsoft to commercialize self-driving cars

Microsoft will join General Motors, Honda and institutional investors in a new joint equity investment in Cruise, totaling more than $ 2 billion. As a result, the cost of Cruise will reach $ 30 billion.

In addition, GM will work with Microsoft on digitalization and adoption of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

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