Cupra el-Born: Seat's electric sports car unveiled

Seat’s next electric car was to be signed Cupra, the Spanish sports brand. With 500 km of range announced and lightning acceleration, the compact is already salivating amateurs.

Embodying sportsmanship at Seat, the Cupra brand intends to play a major role in a rapidly developing electrical market. And it is obviously in the field of performance that the el-Born, the brand’s first 100% electric model, intends to lead the debate.

Its sportiness, the next compact from Cupra carries it across the board with particularly sharp features and a plunging front, almost threatening. It must be said that the zero emission vehicle was able to draw its inspiration from the Seat el-Born concept unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Cupra el-Born

The first images available of this el-Born confirm the affiliation with the concept of Seat, but also a resolutely sporting turn underlined by coppery hues on the exterior. The interior, meanwhile, is dominated by the house Cupra steering wheel and very neat bucket seats. In fact, the Cupra el-Born will be a distant, but above all more muscular cousin of the Volkswagen ID.3. Indeed, group synergy requires, Seat uses the same MEB platform as the other brands in the consortium.

Cupra el-Born

Cupra – The interior of el-Born

On the other hand, to impose itself from a performance point of view, the Cupra will probably opt for a significantly more ambitious battery / engine couple. Seat has not yet communicated on the technical sheet of its sports car but the latest rumors suggest an 82 kWh battery that would touch the 500 km of autonomy.

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As for the engine, it is the fruit of all speculation. The only data provided by the manufacturer suggests a 0 to 50 km / h in 2.9 seconds. To achieve this, the el-Born could well bet on a double engine (one on each axle) developing a total power of 315 hp. The Cupra el-Born should see the light of day in 2021, it will be manufactured in Germany, in the factory of Zwickau as a certain ID.3.

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