Fashion during the coronavirus

Fashion designer presented a protective face mask with LED screen

A novelty for those who are tired of conventional masks during the pandemic
The desperate times in which humanity finds itself due to the coronavirus pandemic require a rethinking of the approach to everything. Including – to clothes and wardrobe items. If it weren’t for the outbreak of COVID-19, clothing designer Chelsea Klukas would never have come up with a face mask with integrated LED matrix screen that quickly became a hit.

Before the pandemic, Klukas had a whole line of clothing with dresses, suits and sweatshirts. It has remained now, but the emphasis has shifted to the production of high-tech protective masks. Which is natural against the background of the demand for such products in general. The designer wanted to diversify the usual mask, make it more fun, and the experiment was a success. “I had the components close at hand, and I posted on YouTube a quick guide on how to make them [masks] yourself,” Kulkas said. The video turned out to be explosive, and many expressed a desire to buy the finished product.

Fashion during the coronavirus

A thin LED matrix screen built into the mask allows you to display various information – pictures and texts that are synchronized via a mobile application. The fabric is breathable above and below the screen, and the display itself is removable so that the mask can be washed or worn like a regular mask, without a screen. Battery and charging cord are included in the package.

The designer herself says that she is not going to benefit from the sale of such masks. In June alone, she donated $ 5,000 from the sale of such products to the World Health Organization’s relief fund. The designer also noted that clients who buy masks are completely different from her usual clientele: the number of buyers is dominated by men who can hardly call themselves fashionable.

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Source: theverge

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