Google+ is dead. Long live Google Currents

Google+ no longer exists today

Since July 6, 2020, the Google+ social network no longer exists as such. As Google warned last month, Google+ is transforming from today into Google Currents for enterprise users of the G Suite.

Google Currents

For ordinary users, Google+ stopped working last April, but the company continued to support it β€œafloat” for corporate clients.

Google Currents

Google+ apps for Android and iOS on Google Play and the App Store have transformed into Google Currents.

It Is designed for corporate communication within companies, sharing documents and ideas with colleagues, and the like. Applications have a new design and feature set. In fact, this is a new service that has grown on the ruins of Google+.

All content is transferred to the “new residence” automatically. Existing page URLs will continue to work and will automatically redirect to

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