HarmonyOS 2.0 will be released on Huawei tablets this year
The Huawei Developers Conference will take place on September 10th, where new software innovations are expected to be presented. Sources are confident that the manufacturer will focus on the operating system of its own design HongMeng or HarmonyOS.

Renowned network whistleblower RODENT950 claims that users will be able to “try out high-performance tablets with HongMeng OS this year.” It is assumed that users will be able to run and test the new operating system on some of the Huawei tablet models already on the market.


Huawei smartphones will immediately receive HarmonyOS 3.0
The same source reports that Huawei’s new flagship tablets will be the successors to the MatePad Pro and MatePad Pro 5G and will have a screen with very narrow bezels.

Huawei previously confirmed that it will announce HarmonyOS 2.0 (HongMengOS 2.0) at its developer conference. The source added that HongMengOS 3.0 “will be mobile-ready,” with the first smartphone with the operating system to be announced in the second half of next year.

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