Huawei's bleak future

At best, the company’s market share will decline dramatically
Renowned Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made a gloomy prediction for the future of Chinese tech giant Huawei.

The expert believes that regardless of whether Huawei is able to obtain the necessary mobile phone parts after September 15, Huawei’s competitiveness and market share in the mobile phone market will be severely affected. According to analysts, the best scenario is a noticeable reduction in Huawei’s share of the smartphone market. In a worst-case scenario, Huawei will completely withdraw from the mobile phone market.

Huawei’s bleak future: the company may completely exit the smartphone market
In his opinion, in the near future, the enthusiasm of Chinese patriots who support Huawei’s products in the local market will decrease, which will immediately affect the company’s global sales. A new balance will soon be established in the Chinese market.

Guo Minchi also believes that the requirements for the characteristics and price of Huawei mobile phones today are higher than in the case of other Android devices, because the new Huawei smartphones out of the box are devoid of Google services and offer an alternative app store.

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