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Early 2020 witnessed artificial intelligence, a path-breaking subset of machine learning expanding, the blockchain technology, captivating the digital economy, and Kotlin offering developers a new exciting feature of multi-platform projects. The year 2020, ended with much-needed and promising innovations in the field of digital security and android jetpacks security and compose. Now let us see the follow-ups or the newly formed trends to look out for in 2021. 

1)Artificial intelligence 

Emerged with the path-breaking discovery of artificial neurons back in the early 1940s to its CoVID-19 induced recent boom in healthcare sectors, AI has played a major role in more than one real-life to digital transformations. Recently, Generative AI is on trend with research work going in 3D printed buildings to neural networks detecting tumors. 

Federated learning, a part of the emerging AI solution, brings machine learning modules to the edge resources i.e, the data sources that help in faster innovations. 

2)Chatbots on the rise 

With many services venturing into the digital path, the chatbot is considered as the most preferred user interface, ranging from live payments to customer solutions.AI based assistants can also be handy at the workplaces. Several core businesses plan to implement chatbots with the customer and the consumer moving forwards with technology saving time and ensuring 24*7 services in both B2B and B2C fields. 

3)The Wearables 

Wearable or wearable technology has come a long way from transistor radios to the new fitness watches, out of which the google glasses and the apple watches are the most sought after. The recent researches and innovations continue to bring more accurate GPS technology and smarter versions of smartwatches. 

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4)Digital wallet and mobile e-commerce 

With sudden global changes, curated e-commerce appears to be the need of the hour, along with an inclusive digital wallet. To make payments secure, innovations should be done with the help of biometric authentication. A shift towards the mobile point of sales and contactless payment can be seen in this tech-savvy generation, which demands more tailor-made apps and payment options. It is expected that over 95% of purchases will be dealt with through e-commerce by 2040.

5)Augmented and virtual reality 

The augmented reality allows the user to add a series of visual information about the real world, which will improve understandability. Indoor navigation through AR, where users can buy appropriate products of their need. For broadcasting events, virtual reality is used, which gives a better experience in this Covid situation. Virtual avatars are on the rise in almost all social media platforms, increasing user engagement. Collaborating with AI technology, the AR and VR can offer precise facial recognition and a highly interactive work atmosphere. 

6)Beacons technology 

Beacons are small transmitters part of indoor positioning systems sending data for analysis. Though this technology has been known for some time, it has not reached its zenith. The customer base can be easily increased using a rugged app module along with a beacon device. They are seen as an alternative and a reliable source of customer behaviors apart from AI. 

7)Demand-based and instant apps 

Users can avail part of the service of a specific app by not installing the app. This is done through instant apps, mostly preferred for e-commerce and gaming. These apps have gained more popularity due to their compatibility across android platforms and the prevention of unnecessary system interruptions due to the unavailability of space. 

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With on-the-go service taking on the fast-paced world, the on-demand apps are the best solutions providing holistic services. In the future, the demand for personal services will increase in great bounds eventually increasing the reliability and connectivity of on-demand apps. 


With google’s flutter, multiplatform software occupies a concrete place in the future of app development. Apps like Alibaba are created on flutter that provides excellent interface and flexibility. Likewise, Kotlin, a multi-platform module is in the experimental stage in sharing code between platforms. Developers should have an eye on this new tech upgrade that supports app development in a single code base. 

These are also easy to learn, with a lot of learning resources like videos, articles, podcasts up-to-date from qualified and skilled developers. With Chromebooks and MacBooks found convenient, this multi-program software supporting various OS is a futuristic tool that is a boon.


With the speed of 100 Gbps, 5G technology will provide speed beyond imagination, and its launch will create great impacts this year. 5-G provides drastic speed improvement that will increase the efficiency and functionality of mobile apps, fostering new research and developments. Developers working on new projects can use 5G network speed during the testing and development stages of building an app to make them work updated. 

11)Cloud Computing and data security 

Cloud Computing will witness many innovations because even with high-speed networks and the right modules, lack of space will slow down the process. Data breach and theft are threats to modern digitization with the majority of the business transactions taking place online, cloud computing could be a considerable option. Users can use any app, anytime and anywhere without accessing or burdening the device memory. 

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12)Jetpack compose and New versioning scheme – Android Studio 

Building a native UI will be so simple using jetpack compose all you need to do is simply describe how you want your UI to be. This Jetpack compose needs the latest android canary version. The Jetpack composes can also be used to create attractive animations in the process of app development. 

To Conclude…. 

The advancement of digital technology has been the most rapid one compared to any other technology known to humanity. Virtual learning environments have been of great help in this pandemic, which has opened up programs to students with utmost inclusion. Nations use blockchain systems and big data to make public services more accountable and policies more accurate. These recent trends in the field of android development can be seen as a pathway with the destination of tech giants delivering customer expectations thus creating a win-win situation for both the customer and the service provider.

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