Microsoft will buy Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat and Batman

These Games May Be Exclusive To Xbox

The following parts of the Mortal Kombat and Batman games may become the exclusive PC and Xbox platforms, if rumors about the purchase of Warner Bros. Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment is confirmed. Reportedly, Microsoft is considering the possibility of such a deal, and AT&T, which owns WB Games, would not be willing to get rid of its asset in order to pay off the huge debts generated by the acquisition of Time Warner for $ 109 billion in 2018.

Warner Bros

According to a The Information article, “According to two people familiar with the situation, Microsoft has expressed interest in acquiring the gaming division of Warner Bros., the publisher of popular gaming franchises based on Batman, Harry Potter and other characters. Acquiring a business consisting of game development studios scattered throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom will help Microsoft expand its game production capabilities in the Xbox group. But AT&T, which owns Warner, has not yet decided whether to sell the business. She’s considering different ways to pay off her $ 154 billion debt, partly due to the acquisition of Time Warner in 2018. “

Neither Microsoft nor AT&T comment on these rumors. But for Microsoft, such an acquisition would now be on hand: when the console market faces a serious battle between the Xbox Series X and Series S on the one hand and the PlayStation 5 on the other, a few trump cards in the sleeve in the form of popular exclusive games will not be out of place for an American company .

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