Rat on Twitter. This is how hackers hacked Musk, Gates and others

Hackers shared information on condition of anonymity
The Vice publication received exclusive information from hackers who hacked the Twitter accounts of many celebrities and tricked them into receiving more than $ 100,000 from users of the social network. Recall that as a result of a hacker attack, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon head Jeff Bezos, musician Kanye West, former US head Barack Obama, Tesla founder Elon Musk and many other celebrities suffered.

This is how hackers hacked Musk

The hackers shared the information on condition of anonymity, confirming that they bribed a Twitter employee who helped them accomplish what they did: “We used a Twitter employee who literally did all the work for us.” There are no details yet, that is, it is not clear whether he gave them access to the pages or simply forwarded the data of the aforementioned accounts.

Rat on Twitter. This is how hackers hacked Musk, Gates and others
After the scandalous news appeared, Twitter representatives confirmed that the hacking was carried out using the company’s internal tools. In addition, Twitter immediately launched an investigation, which was joined by representatives of the FBI.

It should be added that more than 50 accounts of well-known personalities were attacked in total. The cybercriminals posted messages on their pages in which they offered to send any amount to the specified bitcoin wallet in order to get twice as much back.

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