The final version of Android 11 will be released on September 8

Google unveils final Android versions on Tuesdays

So far, Android 11 is available to users and developers only in beta status, but there is not much time left until the final version of this OS is released. Judging by the video posted on the YouTube channel for Google developers, the final version of Android 11 will be released on September 8.

The final version of Android 11 will be released on September 8

The final version of Android 11 will be released on September 8.
This date falls on the first Tuesday of September, and in the same way, on the first Tuesday of September 2019, Android 10 was released. So Google does not change its tradition. It should be noted that the release of the final version of Android 11 in early September is not equivalent to its appearance on smartphones: only Google Pixel will receive the OS on the same day, and other manufacturers will release the corresponding updates in a month or two. And that is not for all models.

So, let’s start with the visual changes. Android in this matter has not changed in any way, and I doubt that something will change dramatically by the release, although I do not exclude it, because for now this is only a version for developers, and all UI changes can be expected just closer to the system exit.

Android 11 doesn’t offer visual changes yet

However, in appearance, I have absolutely no questions for Android, the system looks fresh, interesting, has nice animations, a cool font, good style and a component base. I like the way the buttons look, how they respond to user actions, I like the indentation – in simple words, there are no complaints about Android 11 guidelines, everything looks neat and good. The company finally got rid of colorful caps that distracted users, and emphasized the neutrality of the interface, and this is what Material 2.0 catches up with.

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Firstly, it’s worth starting with the fact that the owners of the very first Pixel will not receive the new Android officially. Surely the craftsmen will adapt it, but we will nevertheless rely on official data. It is strange that this was not previously in Android, but now the system allows you to set the activation time of the reading mode. It can be a specific time or from dusk to dawn. In my Xiaomi, such a function is present now.

Now you can insert images in quick notification responses. Previously, the system only allowed you to send text. The Bubble API has appeared, which allows you to display floating balls of dialogs from various social networks on the desktop. By clicking on such a ball, a small window will open in which you can conduct a dialogue. This is an extremely convenient feature that allows you to chat directly on your desktop without having to jump on various instant messengers.

It will be possible to correspond with friends directly through the curtain with notifications. In this area, part of the dialog will be displayed with the ability to respond directly from there.

Android 11 adds support for waterfall displays, whose screens are rounded on the sides. Now application developers can make sure that the side parts of the application do not go beyond the borders where the rounding begins.

Android 11 also learned to show the number of frames per second on the screen, similar to Fraps. The system now allows “out of the box” to record actions on the screen. This feature is already available to many owners of non-Google phones, but now it will be standard in Android, which will simplify the life of manufacturers and make the issue of switching to pure Android even more urgent for large companies. True, it is not yet clear whether it is possible to record system sound.

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Now, when shooting video and taking pictures, you will not be bothered by notifications, sounds, vibration and pop-ups. Google also added a reverse charging function to the system, I have no doubt that in the future it will become in demand against the backdrop of the popularity of TWS headphones. Speaking of headphones, Android 11 will not disconnect the Bluetooth connection when activating the “On Air” mode, which is quite convenient.

You can provide access to the location, camera and microphone only once

Of the pleasant, I note the new feature of long screenshots. And again, in the shells of other manufacturers, it was a long time ago.

As you can see, Android really offers a lot of interesting innovations. Many of them are already present in the shells of manufacturers, and this says only one thing – most likely Google wants to do everything so that Samsung, Xiaomi and other companies abandon the use of their shells in favor of pure Android. This will get rid of the main drawback of the system – fragmentation.

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