The “pocket” novelty of One Netbook is equipped with COM and RJ-45 ports

With a seven-inch screen

One Netbook specializes in very compact mobile PCs. Her model One GX1, which was the first of the formally announced laptops with a Tiger Lake CPU, stands out for the ability to connect gaming controllers.

One Netbook One GX1
One Netbook One GX1

If this laptop seems strange to you, then One Netbook will still have something to surprise you with. The new product of the company does not yet have a name, but it looks already quite a serial device. It is still an extremely compact mobile PC – it is equipped with a seven-inch screen.

One Netbook

But, as you can see, at the same time it has COM and RJ-45 ports. And here is a rotary display that allows you to turn a laptop into a kind of tablet. From the rest it is known that there is stylus support, two USB ports, micro-HDMI and USB-C. There is no data on the platform, but, given that the manufacturer does not even give an approximate release date, it can be assumed that the Intel CPU of the Tiger Lake line will serve as the heart.

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