Your next Samsung phone may not come with a charger in the box

The company is exploring such an opportunity.
According to the source, Samsung may follow the path of Apple and stop equipping its smartphones with chargers. The company is now discussing the possibility of excluding the charger from the boxes of some smartphones. If a decision is made, then the first Samsung smartphones without charges will go on sale next year.

The problem of chargers was acute at the dawn of the development of the industry, when almost every company had its own standard. Then, say, charging Nokia from charging Motorola was hardly possible. Now with the ubiquity of camp chargers with fixed cable, there is no such problem. In addition, most manufacturers have already switched to the USB-C connector, so the problem of incompatibility of charging cables is also gradually disappearing.

Of course, Samsung will not stop selling chargers as an accessory, but they may disappear from some models. Most likely, budget smartphones will hold on to full charges until the last, but the flagships can get rid of them quickly enough. At the same time, it is not a fact that users will be satisfied with such a decision. Indeed, in the absence of a suitable charging house, if you want it or not, you have to buy it.

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